FM22 Youth Intake: The best way to find wonderkids in Football Manager 2022

Football Manager 2022 is here, which means it's time to dust off your suit and tie and get ready for another rollercoaster season.

FM22 Youth Intake

Youth intake day is one of the most exciting in the Football Manager calendar.

Giving you the chance to scrutinise your club's youth recruitment, you'll get to see what wonderkids - if any - are on offer to your club.

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Whether you're looking for tips or you're experiencing the big day for the first time, we've got all the info so you can be prepared for youth intake day in FM22.

What is youth intake day?

Youth intake day signals the arrival of 'newgens' - players that were not previously in the game but have been generated and enrolled by SI.

On the day of the youth intake, your newgens could be between the ages of 14 and 16, with varying levels of current ability and potential ability.

After a short trial period, you will get to decide which newgens will join your academy, and which will have to look for a new club.

Optimising your youth intake

Clubs with high youth recruitment ratings are often the clubs that get the best youth intakes. The likelihood is - if your youth recruitment is poor - you will not see many players with high potential ratings.

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Improving youth recruitment, youth facilities, and hiring a top head of youth development will undoubtedly lead to fruitful results on youth intake day.

Be mindful though, if you see a player with high potential, sign them immediately before another club takes them from under your nose.

Scout around

Whilst assessing your own youth intake is the first port of call, it's always worth scouting around to see if you can steal any potential wonderkids from under the noses of rival clubs.

Click here to read our list of best youth academies in FM22 and you'll be sure to find yourself a bargain.

If you see a player you like, you may be able to sign them for free, creating your own factory for talented wonderkids.

As a helpful guide, here's the youth intake date (or date ranges) for every top nation in the game:

Austria: 3 March - 31 March

Belgium: 19 March - 16 April

Bulgaria: 7 March - 16 April

Croatia: 9 March - 6 April

Czech Republic: 19 March - 16 April

Denmark: 19 March - 16 April

England: 14 March - 11 April

Finland: 3 April

France: 9 March - 6 April

Germany: 9 March - 6 April

Greece: 9 March

Holland: 26 March - 23 April

Hungary: 09 March

Iceland: 14 Augst - 16 August

Ireland: 22 September

Italy: 19 March - 16 April

N. Ireland: 14 March

Norway: 5 February - 5 March

Poland: 17 March -14 April

Portugal: 19 March - 16 April

Romania: 19 March - 20 March

Russia: 23 February - 23 March

Serbia: 5 March - 2 April

Slovakia: 18 March - 15 April

Spain: 29 March - 26 April

Scotland: 14 March - 18 April

Sweden: 14 September - 12 October

Switzerland: 9 March - 6 April

Ukraine: 16 March

Wales: 14 March - 21 March

Argentina: 18 October - 15 November

Brazil: 22 September - 20 October

Chile: 30 September - 28 October

Colombia: 16 January - 13 February

Paraguay: 21 September

Peru: 21 September - 19 October

Uruguay: 17 January - 14 February

Canada: 21 September

Mexico: 27 February - 27 March

U.S.A: 19 October

South Africa: 3 April - 1 May

Australia: 4 October - 5 October

China: 14 September

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