FM22 Cheats: The BEST ways to beat this year's game

We all want to play by the rules, but sometimes the footballing winds become too difficult to weather.

Check below for some ways that you can beat the game and make your own rules using sneaky cheats in Football Manager 2022.

Tactical pre-match save

If you aren't saving before your matches in FM22 - especially important ones - are you even doing it right?

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CHECKPOINT - Make sure you save before commencing a match

Simply save your game before you go into the match engine, meaning that if you don't pick up the W - you can go back to the save and have another crack at it.

Be warned, this is a nasty habit to get into, so make sure you only go back to your old save when absolutely necessary.

Add additional manager

Need to inject some cash into your club or want to win the big derby match?

Well simply, add an additional manager to your save and assign them to another club.

You can then use up that club's entire transfer budget on one of your fringe players, or absolutely ruin their tactical set-up for the next match.

Alternatively, you can attempt to sell players from other clubs to yours - but bear in mind you may need to "unsettle" the player first so he wants to leave the club.

You can unsettle players in FM22 by attempting to mutually terminate their contract (which they will refuse) and demoting them to the youth squad.

Pre-game Editor

For those who want to edit their game in order to achieve success, there are two main options.

The first is an editor known as the pre-game editor.

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FLYING START - Ensure you get off to a superb start by boosting your club in the Editor

Installing the editor is simple, just follow these steps:

  • Open Steam
  • Head to Library, then select Games and then Tools
  • Look for 'Football Manager 2022 Editor'
  • Right-click and install

You can then customise your club's starting budget, the CA (Current Ability) and PA (Potential Ability) of your players, and even the ability of your backroom staff.

In-Game Editor

The other option, for those who don't mind splashing a little bit of cash, is to pick up the In-Game Editor via the Steam Store.

This in-game add on will set you back £3.99 but it will allow you to do pretty much anything you want within FM.

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MONEY TALKS - For under £4 you can take your save to the next level

You can make almost the same amount of customisations as the Pre-game Editor, but this time on the fly, so you can make adjustments as you go.

This can be quite handy to replicate real-life transfers if you started your save before the real-life January transfer window.

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