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FIFA 23: Icon Moments REPLACED with AMAZING change coming

FIFA 23 is just around the corner and we can't wait to get back on Ultimate Team.

There are some big changes coming this year, with a massive one set for Icon cards.

Check out why Icon Moments are being replaced by Campaign Icons, below.

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Lying in Wait

Regular leaker Fut Sheriff has been awfully quiet recently, until today!

He has already revealed a change coming to Featured Team of the Week and Player of the Month upgrades, then the Season 1 player rewards, and now he has broken new information on Icons in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

Icon Moments are no more!

That's right, the highest upgrade of the Icon cards are being replaced, with a new version called Campaign Icons, and the best thing about these is that they will feature in promos.

This is a massive change for the game and should result in more players gaining those elusive Icons.

Following the Heroes

FUT Heroes were new cards introduced in FIFA 22, working in a similar way to Icons, except they offered links based on a shared league.

When they were first announced we were excited, but soon, they started to fall behind the power curve.

EA had a plan in store, however, with upgraded versions coming in promo events FUT Captains and Shapeshifters.

After the popularity of this, it is leaked that Icon cards will go the same way, with specific ones featuring in certain promo events, instead of having Icon Moments versions.

Fut Sheriff revealed that there will still be Base, Mid and Prime versions coming, however, instead of Moments there will now be Campaign Icon versions.

The first set is due to come in November, coinciding with the World Cup, when we gain World Cup Icons.

We already knew that the new FUT Heroes would be getting World Cup FUT Heroes versions on Friday, 11 November, and it looks like this could be the case for some of the Icons too!

Icons for All!

Packing an Icon is such a rareity in FUT that many of us haven't even experienced it.

Hopefully, this will change, with Sheriff stating that Campaign Icons will now feature in promo events throughout the calendar.

Although there will still be a low probability of packing them, it should be an increase from what we are used to.

It is not yet known how the Campaign Icons will compare to their Moments versions, but there could be drastic adjustments depending on how early or late they appear in FUT.

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