FIFA 21: EA Confirms No Cross Platform

Many FIFA fans were hoping to be able to play with friends across the next-gen consoles. Maybe next year.

by Brandon Ridgely
FIFA 21 no cross platform confirmed

EA are doing another FIFA 21 Q&A session via the FIFA Direct Twitter account.

FIFA 21 EA q and a FUT
IT’S ON: Another big Q&A is happening NOW via the FIFA Direct Twitter account

This week’s Q&A will center around FUT, and it’s already given us a huge confirmation for FIFA 21.

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It’s officially confirmed that there will be no cross-platform play in FIFA 21.

FIFA 21 cross-platform play
MAYBE NEXT YEAR?: There will be no cross platform in FIFA 21

Fans have been hoping for the inclusion of cross-platform capabilities to be able to play with friends on different consoles and expand the FUT audience for in FIFA 21.

With the Q&A, we now know this won’t be coming this year.

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