FIFA 20 Headliners: Predictions, Release Date, Countdown, SBC, Objectives, Players, Ratings & Everything You Need to Know

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Some of the best cards in Ultimate Team are returning, with Heaadliner announced by EA Sports for FIFA 20.

It was one of the most exciting FUT promotions last year, due to the nature of the live cards.


So get ready for some incredible FUT items arriving in the coming days!

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Keep reading for everything about the FUT promotion and our predictions.

What are Headliners?

First introduced on FIFA 19, Headliners are a special line of Ultimate Team cards.

These players operate similarly to Ones to Watch, but for Headliners, players will always remain one overall point higher than their latest in-form card.

These are known as "live" cards, and last year saw Manchester United's Marcus Rashford reach an 88 OVR and teammate Paul Pogba going as high as 92.


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Most of these players will be released into packs, with others, much like FIFA Ultimate Team's FUTMAS, available via SBC.

FUT 20 Headliners Predictions

EA tend to go with players who have had a good first half of the season, so we would expect some of the following players to be selected as Headliners.

Ciro Immobile (OVR 86 - Headliners 90)

Ciro Immobile is the only player to have picked up three in-form cards so far on FIFA 20. It wouldn't be a surprise for him to be selected as Headliner at this point.


Kevin De Bruyne (OVR 91 - Headliners 95)

Many FIFA fans would love to see Kevin De Bruyne pick up a deserved in-form thanks to his thrilling start to the season. The only thing that could stand in his way is how high is OVR rating is, leaving not a huge amount for growth.

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Robert Lewandowski (OVR 89 - Headliners 92)

This man just loves goals. Robert Lewandowski already has two in-form cards so far in FIFA 20, with the Pole just one goal behind Ciro Immobile in the European Golden Boot standings.


Luis Alberto (OVR 84 – Headliners 88)


Immobile has been sensational this season, but he owes a lot of his success to Luis Alberto. The midfielder has racked up 12 assists in the Serie A this season and has already been awarded two in-form cards!

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Due to this, an Alberto Headliner would be instantly propelled to 88 overall.

Timo Werner (OVR 83 – Headliners 87)


Timo Werner is still just 23 years old, but he’s playing like a striker in his prime. 18 goals and six assists in just 17 Bundesliga games demonstrates his talent. 

As a result, he’s already earned two in-form cards, so a Headliners card is a definite possibility.

For even more Headliners predictions, head over to our full Headliners Predictions article here.


Check back once the Headliners have been released to find out what you need to do to get your hands on them.


We believe that the Headliners items will start being rolled out from Friday 17th January at 6pm.


For more info on the Headliners countdown, head here.

Last year, this slot was taken by the Future Stars, but it looks as if the Headliners have jumped ahead of the queue this time around,

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