Fall Guys is the best PS Plus We've Had In Years

In a time where most AAA games are following the same generic, open-world format. One has emerged at no better time.

A small indie company, Mediatonic has managed to captivate the gaming community in the matter of weeks.

This of course, is Fall Guys; the best game PS Plus has ever featured and arguably one that could be Game of The Year for 2020.

What is Fall Guys?

The concept of Fall Guys is essentially the same as any battle royale we have seen in the past.

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You load into a match with up to 60 other players, and you play multiple rounds on different maps with the aim of being the last one standing.

Most of the game modes are designed to eliminate as many players as possible, and it can get quite intense.

Especially during the later stages of a match, where there are only 9-15 people left!

Fall Guys 1
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AWESOME - So many costumes!

Addicting, fun gameplay

The fun in the game lies in each round you play, each round is different and you never know what is going to happen.

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One round you could be in the latter stages of a match and have to play a team game mode.

You could have a team knowing exactly what to do and cruise to an easy victory, or you could be on the losing end.

Which triggers you to load up into a brand new match, searching for that elusive victory.

Hard is good

Fall Guys is no joke, it is quite a challenge to win a match; especially considering the amount of luck there is involved to win for certain game modes.

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It is that fun, yet challenging factor that has kept a lot of players engaged time after time.

Fall Guys 2
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CROWN - Get the crown for a victory!

It is no wonder streamers such as xQc have streamed 55 hours of Fall Guys in just over two weeks!

It really is a thrilling game that captivates you with all the ways you can an upper edge over your opponent.

Game of The Year?

The topic of GOTY can be a sensitive one to many people, as some people take this topic to heart.

However, with the generic format being followed each year from these AAA studios, Fall Guys has done something different for once.

It is a game that doesn't strive to be flashy, or immersive, but one that just simply wants to be fun.

And as gamers I think a lot of us forget that this is why gaming is so beautiful and should Fall Guys continue to see the growth and success it has; it should be up there for GOTY discussions.

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