Among Us: 100 players shouldn’t be added to the game, and here’s why!

Among Us has become something of an internet phenomenon since it found traction earlier this year.

Quickly overtaking Fall Guys as the ‘in game’, numerous content creators have played, streamed and made videos of the game!

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One such content creator is Socksfor1, who is known for making different versions of the game.

His latest mods enables lobbies of up to 100 players.

Here’s why I hope InnerSloth don’t add a larger mode to the game…

Non-Controlled Chaos

10 player lobbies are a barrel of laughs on the game currently.

With just enough room for mischief and crewmate-confusing plays, between 8 and 10 players is the ideal lobby size for a good game of Among Us.

Among Us
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ONE OF US: The 2018 game is taking the gaming world by storm

With communication between rounds being fast paced, but not quite too fast, adding ten times more players would be… chaos.

I can picture the discord now, as 100 voices (well, 99 after one has been killed) simultaneously start throwing the blame.

When 80 people call out red as being sus, which red do you vote for?

Colour Confusion

Theo good thing about 10 players, is the way you can easily distinguish between the individual crewmates.

With a smaller number of players, colours can be used to call someone out without having to say what could potentially be a very awkward (or worse) name!

Among Us Impostor Kill
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DEAD AGAIN: This is the screen we normally see when playing Among Us

However, with potentially 100 crewmates, there is no way colours can be used to tell the difference between players.

As such, users would have to rely on names, something that streamers can’t do when names can be anything currently!

Where can I get Among Us?

Among Us is available on Steam and mobile.

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Whilst costing £3.99 on Steam, the game is in fact free for mobile users.

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