Quiz: How well do you know the Japanese Grand Prix?

F1 heads to Japan for another instalment of the popular Japanese Grand Prix. How much do you know about F1's history in the land of the rising sun?

  1. 1 In what year was the first Japanese Grand Prix held?

    1. 1967
    2. 1970
    3. 1976
    4. 1979


  2. 2 This inaugural race at the end of the season saw James Hunt crowned world champion. However, his championship rival Niki Lauda retired on the second lap. Why?

    1. He had mechanical issues
    2. He withdrew from the race
    3. Ferrari withdrew him from the race

    He withdrew from the race

    Due to the race being one of the first to be televised worldwide, the teams were forced to start the race the despite the torrential rain that had pounded the track all day. Lauda refused to participate, stating that his life was more important than the championship.

  3. 3 How many venues have hosted the Japanese Grand Prix?

    1. 1
    2. 2
    3. 3
    4. 4


    Only the Fuji Speedway (which last hosted a race in 2008), and Suzuka have hosted the Japanese Grand Prix across its entire history.

  4. 4 Japan also hosted the Pacific Grand Prix between 1994 and 1995. Which circuit hosted this race?

    1. Twin Ring Motegi
    2. Tanaka International Aida Circuit
    3. Sportsland SUGO
    4. Hokkaido Speed Park

    Tanaka International Aida Circuit (now the Okayama International Circuit)

  5. 5 Who has the most Japanese Grand Prix wins?

    1. Mika Hakkinen
    2. Sebastian Vettel
    3. Michael Schumacher
    4. Alain Prost

    It's Schumacher!

    Always bet on the German in these types of questions. Michael Schumacher has won the Japanese Grand Prix an unmatched six times! Sebastian Vettel is his nearest challenger with four.

  6. 6 The win conversion rate from pole in Suzuka isn't the best, sitting just under 50%. Nico Rosberg did it last year, but who was the last driver to do it before that?

    1. Sebastian Vettel - 2012
    2. Lewis Hamilton - 2014
    3. Jenson Button - 2011
    4. Fernando Alonso - 2006

    It was Vettel in 2012 - before this it was Vettel again in 2009

  7. 7 Who was the last Japanese driver to stand on the podium at their home event?

    1. Takuma Sato
    2. Kamui Kobayashi
    3. Kazuki Nakajima
    4. Yuji Ide

    It was Kobayashi!

    The popular Japanese driver scored a podium with third place in 2012. Needless to say the home crowd went absolutely bonkers!

  8. 8 Damon Hill famously won the 1996 race at Suzuka to claim his first and only world title. In which other year did he win at the same circuit?

    1. 1997
    2. 1998
    3. 1992
    4. 1994

    It was 1994

    Sadly though, Hill would go on to lose the title in controversial circumstances to Michael Schumacher in Australia.

  9. 9 Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost clashed a few times at the Japanese Grand Prix. In which year did the famous first corner collision that handed Senna the title occur?

    1. 1988
    2. 1989
    3. 1990
    4. 1991


    Senna was still angry about the circumstances surrounding him losing the title the previous year, so as he held a points advantage over Prost going into this final race he decided that if he could not be first after the first corner, then neither of them would be!

  10. 10 Which of these Japanese Grand Prix host circuits has the most corners?

    1. Fuji Speedway
    2. Suzuka


    Suzuka features 18 corners, to the Fuji Speedway's paltry 16!

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    Pole position, fastest lap, and race win. Great job!

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