F1 2018: Force India and Toro Rosso the last to reveal 2018 cars as testing gets underway

(Photo credit: Luis Urquiza)

What they said

Force India

While Force India revealed the VJM11, they were quick to point out that their name, and therefore probably the name of the car, has a "greater than 50% probability" of changing before the opening race of the season next month in Melbourne.

Chief operating officer Otmar Sazfanauer said: "We haven't quite decided (the name) and it also needs to go through the formal approval progress. There is a probability it will change before the first race."

The team also revealed the cost of fitting the new-for-2018 halo device, which they reckoned was. "in the hundreds of thousands if not million-dollar mark."

"Expense-wise, it's huge, because we had to do a new chassis," Andrew Green, Force India technical director, explained. "We wouldn't have anticipated doing a new chassis this year, given the amount of changes that we made last year, which was huge for a new regulation change. For a team like us, we'd always look to try and get two years out of the chassis if possible.

"In that respect it cost us a huge amount to redevelop and redesign a new chassis, it's in the hundreds of thousands if not million dollar mark to put that halo on the car. It was a huge challenge; for a team like us it was massive."

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