F1 2018: 5 Things we want to see in the game

(Photo credit: Codemasters)

Codemasters have provided us with the official F1 game since 2009 (yes, we have to count the Wii release) and since then the game has built itself up to be one of the best racing games out there. There were a few shaky moments, look at F1 2014 and F1 2015 as examples, but F1 2016 and F1 2017 became the pinnacle of the series and last years edition was the best to date. Despite that, there is always room to improve. Here are five things I would love to see in the game

Improved AI

Photo credit: CodemastersThis is probably quite a mundane requirement, but it's no less true. One of the things that has so often let the F1 games down is the AI. More often than not, they never defended any moves you made unless you forced yourself to the outside, and they usually backed out of any overtakes. 

F1 2015 saw a big change, with very racey AI before tailing off in 2016, and then 2017 seeing another huge jump. F1 2017 saw the AI defend properly from you and attack much more aggressively. It was certainly the best AI we have seen in the series so far. 

Things can still be improved though. The AI do sometimes lock into your car and spin you out, and are not usually good at being aware of any dive bombs you may make. For F1 2018, perhaps a smarter AI would help, keeping the aggression of what we have now but making them smarter and more adapt at what is going on.

Classic Tracks

Photo credit: CodemastersThis isn't a requirement, merely something that 'would be nice'. Back in F1 2013, the classic cars were complemented with some classic tracks such as Estoril, Imola and Brands Hatch. F1 2017 has seen classic cars return, and it was then built upon for this year.

The lack of classic tracks is probably down to the cars being implemented into career mode as invitational events, with a rich guy allowing you to race his cars as the year goes on. However, it would be nice to see even just two classic venues, modelled as they are today, feature in the game. 

I'd love to pound around Imola in a Ferrari F2004, or around Zandvoort in one of the 1970's machines. But I appreciate the hard work this would take from Codemasters. Still, it would be cool to see them return in some form or another.

Car Showroom

You know that car you race week in, week out? Wouldn't it be nice to just go into a garage and admire its beauty for a short while? Yes? Well then, maybe we need a car showroom!

Assetto Corsa features a car showroom where the car you want to drive, be it a modern day F1 car or a classic IndyCar, is viewable in great detail in a showroom environment. You can zoom in, rotate the camera, look at all the nitty gritty detail and just drool at the cars beauty.

Something like this in F1 2018 would be rather fun, especially for the classic cars. It would just give us that moment to savour and enjoy the machine we are driving, and even more so with those gorgeous 1970's cars added. Oh man that Lotus livery is something else...

Helmet Sponsors

Okay, this is perhaps a minor gripe but I feel it would add another sense of immersion into the game. In career mode you can, of course, have a personal number, avatar and helmet. But whichever team you race for, their sponsors logo does not appear on your career mode helmet.

Now there are probably multiple reasons why this doesn't happen, and they're probably very good reasons. But it does feel weird seeing every other driver with a branded helmet on as they exit the car, and yours is just empty. It is only a small detail but I think it would add to that feel of 'you are the teams driver' which is what Codemasters aspire to create

Small details make a huge difference. Heck, having an avatar and personal number helped the game massively. There's something cool about seeing 'your' face out of the car, and your number on the car itself. Maybe this could add to that.

Bigger career mode shake ups

Photo credit: CodemastersThis is something that, thankfully, should come in F1 2018 à la the latest developer diary. One shortcoming of the last couple of years was that, as your career mode progressed, often the teams order around you never changed much. The top three teams, Ferrari, Red Bull and Mercedes would all remain at the top.

Meanwhile, there was no real shift in the midfield. The only smaller team that would get to the front would be any that you have started your career mode with and developed before leaving for pastures new. It would be cool to go from Renault to Ferrari but see Renault still fight for wins.

Other than that, there was no shake up. I'd love to see Mercedes get it wrong for season two of career mode, McLaren find big gains and vault into the top three. Like Williams from 2013 to 2014. They went from ninth in 2013 to third in 2014. 

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