Five things we want to see in the EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Deep Dive

FC 24 ultimate team deep dive

FC 24 ultimate team deep dive

The EA FC 24 Ultimate Team deep dive is set to be live on Wednesday, 9 August at 4:00 pm BST.

With Ultimate fans excited to finally see what the new title of EA FC 24 will bring, many have high hopes that EA Sports have been listening to the community to help make the new title better than before.

The new title of EA Sports FC will be the first away from the FIFA franchise, allowing EA Sports to have more flexibility in partnerships and overall more time to focus on other aspects of the game. Without further or do, lets jump into the five things we want to see in the EA FC 24 Ultimate Team deep dive.

Squad battles: 3 mins/half

Currently in FIFA 23, squad battle matches are defaulted to 6 minute halves. Squad battles are mainly played to complete objectives offline therefore making Ultimate Team players play a minimum of 12 minutes of offline gameplay.

squad battles
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Many fans have been requesting to half this time to 3 minute halves making the total fgame 6 minutes long allowing players to play less offline gameplay and more online.

Duplicate storage

Duplicate storage has been requested for many years now, players would like to collect multiple cards in their storage rather than keeping them in their transfer list. This was in FIFA during the World Cup mode, therefore EA Sports need to bring it back!

Duplicate Storage
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This is important more than ever with the the increase in squad building challenge promos, players need to have more than 1 card of each player in their storage. This was players can prepare ahead of time to use these cards in SBC's or even for trading purposes.

Hide loans for SBCs

Avid squad building challenge users know the frustrating of flicking through SBC's that you are not interested in specifically loan SBC's.

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Fans are requesting that there is an option to hide all loan SBC's from the SBC menu allowing for the tabs to only be SBC's that you want to complete.

No loans in FUT Champs

Loan cards in FUT Champs can be very frustrating at times from winning a game to losing because your opponent has subbed on a loan Mbappe.

Loan icons
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Loan cards are great allowing for players to try top end players that they would have maybe never been able to play with. However, in FUT champs fans believe that you should only be allowed to play with your own players meaning that there is only your players to your disposal.

Rating based player search

Rating player search has been needed for many years now, specifically with an influx of promos, many players now have a lot of cards that can be difficult to find in the transfer market.

transfer market
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SBC's are another reason why this feature would be important allowing for players to search for specific ratings can allow users to purchase the cheapest players per rating.

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