Vega Squadron announces new Dota 2 roster

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One week ago, Vega Squadron announced that it will drop four of its players, only retaining their captain Semion ‘


’ Krivulya but in turn retained their carry Sergey ‘


’ Bragin.

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— Vega Squadron (@VegaSquadron)
April 9, 2017

"This roster has been arranged after a couple weeks of try-outs. We decided that this is the optimal team from all the possible options. Practice matches looked fine but the main test is about to happen on DreamLeague. We'll make first serious conclusions based on the results. As a reminder, we're not in a hurry to make a final decision about who's playing under our tag right till the International 7 and will use all the time remaining until the roster lock. Final roster will be announced later.", said Vega CEO Alexey Kondakov.

Having not qualified for DAC and not winning any major tournaments, it was no surprise when Vega Squadron announced that its players Ditya Ra, G, Mag~ and SoNNeikO were released only for G to join in again later. Their last major finish came way back in 2016 when they finished in second place losing to Team Secret at the FACEIT Invitational. Since then, it has been a bumpy road for them, having not qualified for the Dota Asian Championships (DAC) and the 2017 Kiev Major.

Fans had high hopes for the team when SoNNeikO, who is touted as one of the best supports in the game, joined them after Na'Vi disbanded. Ditya Ra, SoNNeikO's compatriot at Na'Vi also joined Vega completing a roster with high potential, but that potential has yet to be realised as the team have struggled out of the gates in 2017.


Vega Squadron in 2017

Source: Liquipedia

It is also to be noted that this squad is temporary and is being used to test whether the same team can compete for TI7 qualifiers. As TI7 is a good four months away, Vega Squadron has a lot of time to analyze and lock their roster.

Current Roster

Vega Squadron current roster

Source: Liquipedia

How do you think Vega Squadron will perform in 2017, thoughts on their roster? Let us know in the comments below!

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