DOTA 2 Patch 7.30 Release Date Finally Revealed

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DOTA 2 players have been waiting for patch 7.30 for a very long time, as the current meta has been running since April 2021.

Valve haven't given an exact DOTA 2 7.30 release date just yet, but we have gotten given details on its changes and new Battle Level Bundle Nemestice offer.

Here's what we know about DOTA 2 7.30.

Release Date

We have not received an official DOTA 2 7.30 release date, but we can take an educated guess based on the pacing of the current Battle Pass.

There is only one set of weekly quests left in the current Battle Pass, so we expect the end of Nemestice will be around August 18-20th.

The right release date timing is crucial for DOTA 2 patch 7.30 - as it will be massively influential on the upcoming mega-tournament The International 2021.

What to Expect in DOTA 2 7.30

Major updates like this usually takes place after The International, but we already know the story. The biggest tournament of competitive DOTA2 has been delayed, and that means the following changes will be live in the game come the big day:

  • A new map
  • Dawnbreaker, the new hero will most likely receive an Aghanim's Scepter and Shard Upgrade. It will also be added to Captain Mode (Clear for Tournaments)
  • Holy Locket changes
  • "Aeon Disk" damage resistance has been compared as a permanent little Aegis; nullifying crowd control state like silence.
  • Brood Mother needs to be adjusted. The champion can move freely in practically a quarter of the map.
  • We are receiving a new Battle Pass, as part of the new strategy of Valve of releasing two battle passes per year instead of just one.

Battle Level Bundle Nemestice

Despite the Nemestice 2021 Battle Pass having a negative reception for its lack of content and steep grind levels, Valve is introducing the Battle Level Bundle. With this, players can have an opportunity to unlock Davion Persona and Spectre Arcana.

If you purchase a Bundle you will get the following $14.99.

  • 60 Battle Level
  • 6 Immortals Treasures
  • 3 Nemestice Themed Treasures.

Normally, you can get 24 Battle Levels for $9.99, you need 195 Battle Levels to unlock Davion Persona, 275 for "Kid Invoker", and 330 for the Arcana of Spectre.

This offer seems pretty good. But there is a catch, you can only buy a maximum of two Bundles.

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