Destiny 2 is going to get new content every four days in Season 14

Destiny 2 Season 14 is finally here and there's a lot going on. We've got some new game modes and quite a few changes to the existing modes.

Here's everything you need to know about what's new and what's changing now the update is out.

LATEST - Patch Notes Detail Mode Changes

If there's one thing Bungie does well, it's making sure there are plenty of ways to play Destiny 2. It's not all about going Guardian-to-Guardian in the Crucible, right?

Season 14, the Season of the Splicer, is introducing a few new modes and making some key changes to existing ones. We have a few highlights, courtesy of the Patch Notes...

Destination Patrol Changes

  • The Moon:
    • Fixed an issue where some quest enemies in Moon free roam would immediately respawn after being defeated.
    • Fixed an issue where the Hive Rune could be missing from one of the stones from a chest puzzle on the Moon.
    • Fixed an issue where some of the chest puzzles on the Moon weren't appearing.
  • Cosmodrome:
    • Shaw Han now offers repeatable Cosmodrome bounties.
    • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck behind the boss portal in the Veles Labyrinth Lost Sector.
    • The Hive under the helicopters in the Divide will now always be that Ogre who first killed you back in 2014.
    • All forgotten dead Ghosts left around the Cosmodrome have been removed and properly laid to rest.
    • The Grottos now has player containment volumes around its water boundaries.
  • Dreaming City:
    • Fixed an issue where filling up your quest/bounty slots could result in players losing an ‘A Small Gift’ pursuit awarded to them.

Strikes Changes

  • Fallen S.A.B.E.R.:
    • During the first encounter inside Rasputin's bunker, the death volume inside the bottomless pits has been lowered to give players a chance to recover.
    • Sped up the transition from orbit briefing dialog to the gameplay by a few seconds.
    • Fixed an issue where dialog lines from the previous area's public events could play during the Warsat encounter.
    • Player’s Ghosts now immediately revive when the strike ends.
    • The first fireteam member to enter the Warsat area should now reliably see the Warsat falling - be careful!
  • The Devil's Lair:
    • Removed some objects that could be interacted with but had no effect.
    • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in the air during the Sepiks Prime boss fight when using Thundercrash.
    • Fixed an issue where Sepiks Prime was taking more damage than intended.
  • Inverted Spire:
    • As the boss fight progresses to lower layers, any player’s Ghost left above will now spawn on the current layer.
  • Warden of Nothing:
    • Fixed an issue where the number of champions killed was not always being tracked correctly.
    • Fixed an issue where some Cabal champions were missing from the arena fight in the ruins of the old Prison of Elders.
  • The Corrupted:
    • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck behind in the Ogre room if other members of the fireteam ran too far ahead of them.
  • The Disgraced:
    • Fixed an issue where players who had completed the New Light campaign would always hear the New Light dialogue during the strike instead of the normal dialogue.
    • Fixed issues where players could get locked out of the boss room and joining players could spawn in too far behind their fireteam.
  • Proving Grounds:
    • Fixed an issue where the strike name was written as Proving Ground.

Raid Changes

  • Deep Stone Crypt:
    • Fixed an issue where players could hop off Sparrows to reset the fire in the basement of the Crypt Security encounter.
    • Fixed an issue where players can avoid having the Rally Banner removed after starting the final encounter.
    • Fixed an exploit where players can complete the Atraks-1 challenge mode by having players sucked out of the airlock.
    • Fixed an issue where players were able to trigger a quarantine in the Crypt Security encounter by using a finisher on combatants.
  • Garden of Salvation:
    • Fixed an issue where some music would fail to play while on the Divinity quest.
  • The Last Wish:
    • Fixed an issue where Riven could start the wipe cast 20 seconds faster if she went to a certain side.

Release Date & Time

Season 14 will begin with the next weekly reset, which is on Tuesday, May 11th.

At the time of the weekly reset the downtime will begin and is expected to last for around one hour.

You can check out the 3.2.0 Update timeline below:

  • Maintenance Begins: 09:00 PST / 12:00 EST / 17:00 BST
  • Players Removed & D2 Goes Offline: 09:45 PST / 12:45 EST / 17:45 BST
  • Update 3.2.0 Releases: 10:00 PST / 13:00 EST / 18:00 BST
  • Maintenance Concludes: 11:00 PST / 14:00 EST / 19:00 BST

Bungie is usually pretty good at keeping to their schedules, as Destiny 2 players will know, but it might be worth keeping an eye on Bungie Help on May 11th just in case.

Seasonal Six-Person Multiplayer

Bungie is introducing a new Seasonal Activity to Destiny 2 in Season 14 and it's a little different to what we've seen before.

Traditionally, Destiny 2's multiplayer featured four-man teams but it has recently started to expand into the more universally seen six-person teams. Fireteams have also always been squads of 2-6 players.

Now, it looks like Season 14 of Destiny 2 is going to re-introduce 6-Player matchmaking again with its latest Seasonal Activity.

Destiny 2 Season 14 New Activities and Missions Six Player Multiplayer
expand image
TOGETHER? - If you have five friends, now is the time

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The Vex might have everyone stuck in a sun-less simulation, but at least we're all stuck in a sun-less simulation with six of our friends, right?

We don't know much about what the new Seasonal Activity is just yet, just that it will be called "Override" and task players with breaching "the network".

Destiny 2 Season 14 New Activities and Missions Override Breach the Network
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HACKING - It looks like this will involve some "area defence" gameplay
" Fireteams of six will use Splicer tech to hack the Vex Network. Uncover their secrets, steal their code, and user their power against them."

Weekly "Expunge" Mission

In addition to this new seasonal activity, there's also going to be a new Weekly Mission added to Destiny 2 in the Season of the Splicer. We don't know too much about it but here's what Bungie has said so far:

" Each week, Guardians will uncover new vulnerabilities within the Vex Network and use Splicer Keys to infiltrate and collapse it from within."
Destiny 2 New Missions and Activities Expunge Green tunnel
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EXPLOIT AND ENDURE - Expunge the Vex from their Network to save the Last City

Season of the Splicer Reveal Trailer

If you want to get a better look at what's in-store yourself, we have the Season of the Splicer reveal trailer for you below.

" The Vex have plunged the Last City into an endless night, threatening the safety once found beneath the watchful presence of the Traveler. It is here, bathed in perpetual moonlight, that Ikora reveals the identity of an unlikely ally that may hold the keys to triumphing over this attack."

Destiny 2 Season 14, the Season of the Splicer, is coming on May 11th.

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