Xbox Game Pass February 2021: Release Date, Confirmed Titles, Release Date, News & more

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2021 has arrived, and now it's time to start looking ahead to the rest of the year.

January brought a host of new titles to the Xbox Game Pass service, as Next Gen users started to get their first real taste of the Microsoft platform.

Here is what we're expecting to see in February.

Latest News - February Titles Coming Soon

We're about to enter February, which means that the next batch of Xbox Game Pass titles is just around the corner.

We've yet to have any confirmed titles, but we have had some rumours quashed.

There's plenty to come over the next 28 days, and here is what we know so far!

Fall Guys rumours debunked

There had been some hope in the Xbox community that we could be seeing Fall Guys added to the Game Pass in February, largely thanks to a misconstrued social media comment!

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Unfortunately, though, that will not be the case. Both Fall Guys themselves and publisher Devolver Digital have shut down the rumours quite swiftly.

Fingers crossed we'll see Fall Guys on the Xbox in the future, but it won't be on the Game Pass next month!

Release Date

We've not got a confirmed release date for the month yet, but we can give you a realistic prediction based on past releases.

We expect to see two releases, with the first coming on Monday, February 8 and the second on Monday, February 15.

Recently Added

We're yet to find out what titles will be heading to the Game Pass in February, but the January crop of games are still going strong!

The likes of PES 2021, Injustice 2 and Torchlight III all came in January, so whilst we wait for February's titles to be confirmed, why not head online and get stuck in?

We're hoping for a similar crop of titles next month.

Leaving Soon

As of now, there are no confirmed titles that will be leaving the Xbox Game Pass service in the near future.

But, as we enter February and prepare for the launch of a series of new titles, we're sure that Microsoft will be breaking the bad news sooner rather than later


Here is a selection of titles that we are hoping to see on the Game Pass next month.

Madden 21

SUPERBOWL! Get stuck into your own virtual Super Bowl on Madden 21!
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SUPERBOWL! Get stuck into your own virtual Super Bowl on Madden 21!

The first title we're expecting to see this month is Madden 21.

With the Superbowl coming on February 7, this would be the perfect time for EA to try to resurrect what has been a largely disappointing release.

Should Microsoft opt to release Madden 21 on their service, they may even opt to go against the grain and add it earlier than usual prior to the Superbowl itself.

Fallout 4

NUKA WORLD! Fallout 4 would be a great addition to the roster!
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NUKA WORLD! Fallout 4 would be a great addition to the roster!

Another game we're hoping to see added is Bethesda Game Studios title, Fallout 4.

The Game Pass is no stranger to a Bethesda title here and there, and with no Fallout games currently featuring, we feel now is the time to do so.

2015 release Fallout 4 is the title we've gone for, but don't be surprised to see any of the other titles from the critically acclaimed series join the Game Pass lineup.

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