Amazon is offering HUGE savings on Western Digital gaming hard drives for a limited time

Nowadays its become a common occurrence for a new release to take up more than 100GB of space on your hard drive, some have even pushed towards the 200GB mark.

Even a 1TB drive fills up fast these days, and with upcoming games like NBA 2K21 already confirmed to have mammoth file sizes, it doesn’t look like this trend of gigantic game installs is going anywhere. 

That’s why investing in additional storage is a very smart idea. Thankfully Amazon currently has a sale on a wide range of WD game storage options, which will help to make the struggle of having to delete stuff from your hard drive to make room for a new game a problem of the past. 

You can see the full range of items on sale right here, but if you’re looking for some recommendation read on...

Which hard drive should I get if I’m on console?

WD offers a wide variety of external hard drives that are perfect for giving your PS4 or Xbox One a beefy storage expansion. These drives simply require plugin via one of the consoles USB ports.

While you are able to swap the drive within the system itself, on PS4 this requires a specific size/format of hard drive and on the Xbox One it involves tearing the console to pieces, so we’d stick with an external option unless you’re confident taking your console apart.  

If you want more space than you’ll know what to do with, grab a 5TB HDD drive for £106.99, or if you only require a moderate increase in space than a 2TB HDD drive will run you just £67.99. 

The next-gen of consoles will utilise SSD drives, which allow games to run significantly faster and reduce loading times, but they come with a premium price. You can grab a 1TB SSD drive for £209.99 for a limited time, and this hard drive will work with the Series X and PS5 when they launch.

Which hard drive should I get if I’m on PC?

One of the (many) advantages of PC gaming is the wider array of storage options available to you, thanks in large part to the ease of swapping your computers internal drive. 

This sale has tons of internal options at great prices, so if you want to see the full range check it out here, but we’d recommend this 1TB internal SSD with heatsink for cooling which is currently 28% off at just £154.99.

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