CS:GO - How to Change Your Crosshair

A staple of the FPS genre, crosshairs allow players of all kinds to figure out where their shots will likely be heading and assist with their aiming. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) goes even further than other FPS titles by allowing players to customise their crosshairs to one that fits them and their needs.

Changing your crosshair to the right one for you can give you an advantage as a player, allowing you to adapt to the weapons you'll be using. Here's how you do it.

How to Change Your Crosshair in CS:GO

A screenshot of the CS:GO map Inferno
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The best way for users to customise their crosshair in CS:GO is by using the in-game settings menu.

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To do this, you first have to open CS:GO and get to the main menu. Once you have gotten there, open the game's settings menu and click into the crosshair section. There you will find the following options to create the right crosshair for your gameplay.

  • Crosshair Style
  • Center Dot
  • Length
  • Thickness
  • Gap
  • Outline
  • Red/Green/Blue
  • Alpha
  • Split Distance
  • Inner Split Alpha
  • Outer Split Alpha
  • Split Size Ratio
  • T Style
  • Displayed Weapon Gap
CS:GO crosshair settings as seen in the game's menu. This shows you how to change your crosshair.
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Experiment with these settings, taking occasional breaks to test them out in-game and then altering any aspects of your new crosshair that you like and don't like until you find the perfect combination that feels comfortable and natural while playing.

Be sure to write down those settings and keep experimenting until you're sure you've found the best crosshair to enhance your gameplay and you're on your way to getting the wins your craving.

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