Counter-Strikle: How to Play, Rules, Daily Answers & More

CSGO fans rejoice as we now have a brand new way to test our knowledge of the FPS we love with a brand new daily puzzle called Counter-Strikle.

Yes, you read that right. Counter-Strikle is a fan-made CSGO Esports "Wordle" style game but instead of a daily word being the puzzle, it's a professional CSGO Player that you're trying to guess.

Here's everything you need to know about Counter-Strikle.

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How To Play Counter-Strikle

To begin playing the daily puzzle for yourself, head on over to the Counter-Strikle page where you will immediately be thrown into the game and greeted by the rules

The landing page for Counter-Strikle
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Due to the added difficulty of guessing a specific person, Counter-Strikle gives you a total of eight guesses to get the pro you are looking for. Much like wordle, your guesses are based on coloured boxes with green being a correct guess, yellow being a "close" guess and blank being an incorrect guess.

While this sounds simple, it's a little bit more complex due to what exactly you need to find. Instead of just typing out the name of the pro and having to use the letters to figure it out, you instead need to find the following categories:

Examples of Counter-Strikle Answers
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  • In-game name ( e.g. S1mple)
  • Nationality (e.g. Ukrainian)
  • Team (e.g. Natus Vincere)
  • Age (e.g. 24)
  • Weapon of Choice (e.g. AWP)
  • Number of Major Appearances (e.g. 11)

Using the information you get from a guess, you then need to narrow down your options until you can find the correct CSGO pro. This is where the game gets complicated as "close" answers are pretty vague. If you were to take our example player of S1mple and put it into today's Counter-Strikle as of writing, you'd have three "close" answers in Nationality, age and Major appearances.

A "close" nationality, however, just means that you're on the right continent which while it does narrow it down, still leaves a lot of options so be careful when trying to use you're "close" answers to guide your guesses.

Counter-Strikle Answers

Below you can find the daily Counter-Strikle answers if you need the extra help in keeping your streak. We will also list all of their info to potentially help you out in future Counter-Strikle games.

Today - September 2nd 2022

Android is the Counter-Strikle answer for September 2nd 2022
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Bradley "ANDROID" Fodor is the current answer for Counter-Strikle. Here is the info on ANDROID:

  • Name - ANDROID
  • Nationality - Canadian
  • Team - None
  • Age - 28
  • Weapon - AK47
  • Major Appearances - 1

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