COD Mobile Season 3 COUNTDOWN: Release Time, Patch Notes and More

COD Mobile Season 3 is finally due to start soon. With a new map, events and so much more, there's plenty of reason to get in there as it goes live. Here's what we know about it so far.

COD Mobile Season 3 Release Time and Date

COD Mobile Season 3 finally launches today, March 30th. You can finally play it yourself at the following times

  • 5:30 am IST March 30th
  • 5 pm PT March 30th
  • 8 pm ET March 30th
  • 1 am GMT March 31st

Though there's technically a chance it could go live a little later due to server issues, it shouldn't be too far behind. Make sure to update your game and refresh it if you can't get in.

Cod Mobile Season 3 Patch Notes

In the official announcement post, you can see a list of notes talking about the upcoming event. Here are some of the most notable in there:

Miami Strike
The perfect map to match Season 3’s retro theme, Miami Strike was first introduced in Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War as a variation of the larger Miami map. In Miami Strike, the field is more tightly focused to encourage plentiful close-quarters engagements in and around the hotels and parking garage. With cover options everywhere, you can easily switch between offense and defense in a snap, so long as you’re aware of the enemy’s position.
Training Ground 2.0
Season 3 adds new functionality to your time at the Practice Range, including more customized training content and weapon data. You can utilize the new Command Panel to customize parameters of the training ground, as well as support target practice by spawning training AI soldiers and customizing their distance, movement speed, interactions, and direction.
You can also keep an eye on their performance with the Player Data Panel, which tracks hit rate, damage dealt, destruction time, and more. There’s also a new Weapon Trial feature which allows you to exchange weapons and attachments directly through the UI. With the ever-growing armory, this makes it easier and faster to swap between your guns.
New Multiplayer Optimizations
Expect some quality-of-life changes as well, including better UI performance of in-game scoring and an in-game HUD toggle, allowing you to customize the perspective of the bottom HUD. Season 3 also adds changes to Medals and in-game Medal effects, and provides players with the ability to inspect their weapons on the move.
New Attachments: GRU Combo Grip
Following after the HBRa3 – Thunderbolt Sling new attachment last season, in Season 3 we have one more new attachment coming for a fan-favorite weapon. Made exclusively for the AK-47, the new GRU Combo Grip attachment provides a combined barrel and grip for excellent recoil control.
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