COD Mobile Season 12 COUNTDOWN: New features, new operators, weapons, release date & more!

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Call of Duty continues to go from strength to strength across the gaming world.

CoD: Mobile is no exception, and Season 12 for the massively popular game launches this week.

In this article, we’ll go over everything CoD Mobile and Season 12 related, including new content, when you can expect to play it and more!

So, let’s jump into what we know so far.

Season 12 Release Date

Season 12 is set to launch today at 4PM PST according to a recent tweet from the CoD: Mobile.

The majority of the content will go live at some point tomorrow, November 11, however, the Battle Pass itself goes live today.

This means that players will be able to purchase the Battle Pass as of today at 4PM PST, so make sure to be ready!

New Content

The name od the season is Going Dark, so expect a lot of thermal scopes and blacked-out camos going forwards.

4 new characters will be available in the Battle Pass.

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These are Velikan – Megalith, Urban Tracker – By Night, Price – Dead of Night and Ghost – Jawbone.

This means two Call of Duty favourites will make the return, in a new form, to the mobile game, as the Battle Pass contains Price and Ghost!

New Weapons

There are also 4 new Epic weapon variants for you to collect from the Battle Pass.

PORTABLE COD: The game has amassed a huge online playerbase
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PORTABLE COD: The game has amassed a huge online playerbase

The Type 25 receives the Infiltrate variant, where as the KN-44 will get a Black Gold variant.

There are also two other Black Gold variants listed, the QQ9 SMG and the HBRA3 Assault rifle.

All four of these weapons will be available for players who purchase the Battle Pass.

New Maps

With the name of the season being themed around night operations, it seems only fitting that CoD: Mobile will receive some night maps.

cod mobile new characters
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NEW PLAYERS: Play as new variants of Ghost and Price

Whilst these haven’t been confirmed just yet, keep your eye out.

We believe Night variants of maps could be seen through the season as further updates and new content are released.

Other Changes for Season 12

The game will also now have 1 extra class and one new Operator Skill.

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The class is Refitter and will be able to drop armour packs for friendlies and repair vehicles thanks to the in-built Engineer ability.

The new operator skill is a version of Ajax from BO4, and is a Ballistic Shield with a built-in Machine Pistol.

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