What is ADS in Call of Duty & Warzone?

Raven and the other developers that work on Warzone have been working to balance the weapons in the battle royale for a while now, with the meta always changing. One thing you may have heard them talk about is ADS, but what exactly is ADS in Call of Duty and Warzone. We have all the details for you here.

You might have heard more about ADS in regards to Warzone recently due to Raven talking about it more.

The studio has said that it plans to increase ADS time for weapons across the board in the battle royale, which will increase the time to kill as well.

For a while now, plans to increase time to kill have been in motion, and this is the next step in that.

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What is ADS in Call of Duty & Warzone?

ADS is pretty simple and it's just an acronym for something in-game.

ADS means 'Aim down sights' referring to the time it takes to do so for each weapon in Warzone, or any other shooter for that matter.

Most weapons have different ADS times, with snipers taking longer to aim down sights and shotguns taking almost no time at all.

ADS is something you'll see in shooter patch notes a lot, and certainly in those for Warzone as Raven continue to balance the game.

Down below, you'll see exactly what the studio had to say about their ADS plans.

"As mentioned before, we will be decreasing base ADS Speeds across all titles. This will increase Time to Kill slightly as ADS times should be considered when calculating practical TTK values. Additionally, it'll give us room to emphasize the differences between Weapon classes."
"We're looking to increase the average by about 20ms. Not every Weapon will see an adjustment, and in most cases, we will be taking that ADS Speed and leveraging it in Attachments to create more interesting builds and meaningful choices."
"Primarily, we are concerned that some Weapons are functionally blurring the lines between SMG, AR, and LMG. This is unhealthy for the game in the long term not just because it can result in ‘power creep’ but also because it limits our design space for new Weapons."

Keep an eye out for more Warzone patch notes coming soon.

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