Warzone 2 - Best Sakin MG38 Loadout, Attachments, and Tuning

Warzone 2 Sakin MG38

Warzone 2 Sakin MG38

Warzone 2 is now finally into Season 2, and a ton of new content has arrived with the new season to shake up the meta. Rebirth is now confirmed, and updates to the gulag and loadout drops are just the beginning of the changes we've seen.

The Sakin MG38 has risen quickly in the meta following the balance changes and is now one of the best long-range options in the game. Here's how to build it to easily shred through an entire trio from almost any range in Al Mazrah.

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Best Sakin MG38 Attachments in Warzone 2

The Sakin excels at longer ranges, and with the right attachments is very easy to use, with little or no recoil. Paired with a close-range weapon as a secondary you'll be unmatched in a gunfight no matter the range.

Here's what we recommend to build the Sakin into a beam machine:

Warzone 2 Sakin Loadout
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  • Muzzle: Polarfire-S | 0.9^ | 0.42>
  • Barrel: 20" Bruen Silver Series | 0.35^ | 0.26>
  • Laser: FSS OLE-V Laser
  • Optic: Aim-OP V4 | -1.58^ | -1.65>
  • Underbarrel: Cronen WL55 | 0.6^ | 0.18>

Each of these attachments will work to reduce the visual recoil of the Sakin, making it a very easy-to-use weapon at long range. It also maintains a decent ADS time and mobility, so you won't be caught out of position as easily in Warzone 2.

Sakin MG38 Best Perks and Equipment

The RPK is great right up until an enemy sneaks up behind you, so it's vital to be ready for any situation. These perks and equipment will keep you safe but remember: it's always quicker to switch to a secondary than it is to reload.

  • Perk Package: Weapon Specialist
  • Tactical: Heartbeat Sensor
  • Lethal: Throwing knife
  • Secondary: Lachmann Sub or Fennec 45

Run weapons specialist for the overkill perk and you'll be able to take an SMG to be ready for a close-quarters fight in Warzone 2. Check out our Lachmann Sub, and Fennec 45 Loadout for how to equip them. You can also swap out your perk package for Spectre, and run the P890 Akimbos as a secondary.

The Heartbeat Sensor allows you to see enemies coming, and stay safe when holed up. Meanwhile, the throwing knife allows you to eliminate downed enemies quickly, without wasting valuable time and ammo so you can get back into the action.

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