Warzone 2 - 1 Shot Sniper is back, with a catch

Warzone 2 Sniper

Warzone 2 Sniper

Warzone 2 is back for Season 2, and a ton of new content has arrived with the update to shake up the meta. New weapons are available through the Battle Pass and new challenges, and Rebirth has finally returned so players can get a taste of fast-paced action.

Snipers took a massive nerf with the release of the new Warzone, with the ability to 1-shot headshot being removed. Now though there is a workaround, with a catch. Here's everything you need to know.

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1-Shot Sniper in Warzone 2

Although Season 2 has only been out for a short while, players have already discovered a secret attachment that can make snipers a 1-shot headshot again. FaZe Testy discovered snipers can one-shot kill after the Season 2 update by using Incendiary Ammunition.

The bullet type has a distinct disadvantage as it reduces damage range, bullet velocity, and bullet penetration, preventing the class from becoming too overpowered. This means that Snipers will only 1-shot in a specific range in Warzone 2, which can be tricky to use.

While we aren't sure yet whether this is an intended feature, it's definitely worth giving a go in your next game. If it is a bug, it will likely be patched out soon, so don't miss out on your chance!

Which Snipers can 1-shot headshot?

With this attachment, any sniper can 1-shot headshot in Warzone 2 following the update. With the Signal 50 taking a heavy nerf though, your best options are the Victus XMR, SP-X 80, and LA-B.

This is a great addition to Warzone, and brings snipers back in a big way, but players are slightly confused. If it is an intended feature, it does seem odd that there's been no communication from the devs.

We will provide an update once we know the exact range players can one-shot kill headshots and the best possible sniper loadout for Warzone 2 Season 2.

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