Vanguard Prop Hunt: Is Prop Hunt returning in Call of Duty Vanguard?

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Prop Hunt is one of those Call of Duty modes that everyone can have fun with - you don't need to necessarily be good at Call of Duty, or first-person shooters in general, to enjoy it and this mode can offer a wonderful change of pace from the intensity of Call of Duty's multiplayer.

At the moment, Prop Hunt isn't available in the newest Call of Duty title - Vanguard. That doesn't mean it isn't going to be added soon, though. There are rumblings that we could see it arrive sooner rather than later and we have everything you need to know about Prop Hunt in Vanguard below.

Is Prop Hunt coming to Vanguard anytime soon?

It's hard to say, at the moment, whether Call of Duty Vanguard is going to get Prop Hunt as a featured playlist anytime soon. Sledgehammer Games hasn't shared any official information about the possibility of Prop Hunt being added to Vanguard in the rumoured Season One Reloaded update - or Season Two, for that matter.

There aren't even many leaks to talk about either! We know we've just had Christmas, but it's unusual that there aren't many leaks regarding upcoming game modes in general. That being said... We do have one...

As you can see below, a voice line from Butcher - Vanguard's announcer - has been found that seems to hint that Prop Hunt is on the way.

We're not sure what to think, but Prop Hunt was added to Call of Duty WWII in January 2018 following its launch in November 2017. Prop Hunt was added to Black Ops Cold War in March 2021, though, following another November release date. So... We could see Prop Hunt arrive in the next couple of months if the recent trends are anything to go by.

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