Call of Duty Warzone Loadout drop changes REVERTED in new update

Raven Software have revealed that they are reverting the initial loadout drop changes made to Call of Duty Warzone.

After much negative feedback during Season One, it looks like players will get to purchase Buy Stations at any time once again.

How will COD Warzone loadouts change?

To start Call of Duty Vanguard's integration into Warzone, it was revealed that there would be a major change pertaining to how loadout drops work in the game.

Initially—prior to the Pacific era joining Warzone—players could obtain their loadouts at any time. This allowed for them to get their hands on their favorite weapons early on into a match, increasing their chances of winning.

But a change made that all impossible. As once in Caldera, players could only buy a loadout drop when the first free loadout came in. This meant that as opposed to having their preferred loadout early on in a match, players had to run around for minutes at a time scanning the floor for weapons, hoping that they'd find something as close to the meta guns as possible.

If they survived long enough with a temporary weapon, players would then grab their loadout once the second or third circle arrived.

In the eyes of Warzone fans, this was a very unwarranted and unfavorable change. You had players like Warzone content creator, Swagg, pleading Raven Software to revert the change, stating on Twitter "I'll tattoo Raven Software on my right cheek for you to revert the loadout change"

But that won't be the case anymore as, after much feedback and complaint, Raven Software has decided to revert these changes.

"Following community feedback during Season One, Raven Software is reverting the standard Battle Royale Loadout Drop timing," explained Raven Software in a post. "As part of today’s minor update, Operators should expect to see Loadout Drops available to purchase in Buy Stations at any time, rather than restricting availability during a match’s opening minutes."

Looks like Swagg has some tattoo artist searching to do, as even Raven Software knows what's up.

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