RealOpinions: Call of Duty Modern Warfare lives up to expectations

CoD is finally here and from campaign to multiplayer, this is one of the best yet.

by Callum Inwood

Well done folks, you’ve made it, the off season is over. Call of Duty is back! The Modern Warfare series has made its long awaiting return. What else could you want?

Grab yourself some Mountain Dew and Doritos… no, not to fit the gamer stereotype but for that sweet, sweet Double XP.

Get ready to grind and smash a shed load of Call of Duty for the next year, or more, or less… will Modern Warfare live up to expectations?

I’m here to tell you whether Call of Duty Modern Warfare is here for the long haul or not!

Call of Duty Saviour?

Have Infinity Ward created a Call of Duty that people will continue playing post the Christmas period? Will longevity be an issue for the fourth game in the Modern Warfare series?

With so many kids in today’s Call of Duty era being brought up with jet packs, I feel for any Call of Duty developer trying to please the whole spectrum of the community. However, where would Infinity Ward see the most positive reaction? That’s right, with an all new Modern Warfare game.

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Having already started on the front foot with the community, what came next? Making sure the game is fun and resembles what everyone loved about both MW2 and MW3 – fantastic maps, challenges, no pay to anything… just a good old fashion Call of Duty, where hard work pays off.

Having played a full first night of Call of Duty Modern Warfare, this could be it, our saving grace, with no issues that can’t be fixed.

Classic Modern Warfare Call of Duty could be on a return. I don’t want to jinx it, with previous years, like many cod fans, always praising the game when it first comes out, hoping for the best.

Nonetheless, yes, Infinity Ward may have done it, brought back a CoD that players want to play and grind to achieve everything that’s possible to be unlocked.


Callum Inwood