Call of Duty Cold War Zombies: PlayStation players to get exclusive co-op mode

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Call of Duty and Sony are a remarkable partnership, and they are once against bringing an extra mode to PlayStation players for Black Ops: Cold War.

Co-op zombies!

PlayStation exclusive zombie mode

Sony gamers can enjoy an exclusive two player co-op mode called "Zombies Onslaught".


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The mode looks intense and adrenaline-filled.

cod black ops cold war zombies
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With Black Ops dropping in a matter of weeks we can't wait to play it.

Will Xbox users get it?

Much like other modes in previous CoD games, Xbox gamers can get the mode, they just have to wait.

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Zombies Onslaught is a timed exclusive until 1 November 2021.

So yea. Best get a PS5 really...

Call of Duty Cold War release date

The next installment of Black Ops lands on 13 November.

There won't be a free next-gen upgrade for the game unlike some others.

cod black ops cold war in game 3
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You can get a cross-gen bundle for $70/£65 while the normal game will be priced at $60/£55.

Of course, that release date is after the arrival of the Xbox Series X and PS5 in the US, but gamers in Europe have to wait until 19 November for their PS5s, making it a choice between paying more, or waiting a few extra days.

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