Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies - How To Assemble The Pack-A-Punch On Die Maschine Map

The highly anticipated Black Ops Cold War is now available and is the first Call Of Duty on the next generation consoles.

The popular Zombies mode also makes a return in Black Ops Cold War.

How to assemble the Pack-A-Punch?

Die Maschine is the first map in Zombies mode.

The map not only features classic perk machines, but also the Pack-A-Punch machine.

To help you, here is a video from TheGamingRevolution, but we will explain each step also in case you get lost:

Turning On The Electricity

The first thing you need to do is turn on the electricity, something that needs to be done on each map in this game mode.

Electricity is located in the facilities where you can open the portal to enter the dark ether. The path is signposted with purple arrows and the game also tells you with an icon on the HUD that says "Installations" or "Facility".

If you are lost, in the video you can clearly see the way to get to that place.

Open The Portal To The Dark Ether

The next thing you need to do is open the portal to enter the dark ether, which is basically the same map but with a purple look as if it were underwater.

To do this you only have to interact with the two terminals that are on the sides of the giant generator on the premises. These terminals will be marked with an icon on the HUD and once that is done, the portal will open in the center of that room.

Get The Pack-A-Punch Piece

Next, enter the portal you opened to go find a piece of the Pack-A-Punch found in the dark ether. Then you must follow the route indicated in the video to enter another portal that will take you to a room where you can pick up the piece.

Once you have it, you have to go back to where the portal is and there you can assemble the Pack-A-Punch.

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Once armed, just wait until the game returns you to the normal world and you're done.

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