Apex Legends Mobile: Who is Fade?

With the release of Apex Legends Mobile worldwide, fans of Respawn Entertainment's battle royale are itching to experience the 60-player action with a fresh set of eyes.

One of the biggest shake-ups to the Apex Legends formula, however, comes in the form of a brand new Legend by the name of Fade which, as of writing, is exclusive to the mobile version of the game. Here's what we know.

Who is Fade in Apex Legends Mobile?

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Known as the Phasing Punisher, Apex Legends Mobile's Fade is a Legend built around high mobility based gameplay and focuses on increasing their speed for offensive and defensive purposes.

This is seen best in his passive ability known as Slipstream, which gives Fade a short boost to movement speed after sliding across the ground. His tactical, meanwhile, is more for its defensive capabilities, teleporting players out of sticky situations by placing them back in time two seconds and reloading their weapons for a tactical edge in combat. Much like Tracer's Recall ability in Overwatch, Fade's Flash Back ability was implemented for newer players to have an easy escape option when trying to learn how to play the game but also creates an interesting tool for veteran players to exploit and use to their advantage.

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Fade's ultimate "Phase Chamber" is where you see the offensive capabilities of his speed-manipulation shine as Fade throws out a large area of effect projectile that slows down any enemies or allies that enter its radius by sending them to the void. This also pinpoints their location on Fade's HUD, making for easy pickings.

Fade's lore meanwhile sees the character, real name Ignacio Huamani enter the games to avenge his family by taking out their murderers. Fade dislikes the suit he wears but knows it's the only way to get what he wants.

As of writing, there are no official plans to bring Fade to the realm of Apex Legends "HD" on PC, Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo Switch consoles, meaning that anyone who wants to experience this new character from themselves will need to load up Apex Legends Mobile and unlock the legend for themselves.

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