Valorant New Agent 24 Could Have "Bulletproof" Abilities

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A screenshot of Deadlock from the "SUNSET // Official Map Trailer - VALORANT"
Credit: Riot Games

During the Valorant "What's Next in 2023 // Dev Diaries" dev update video, it was revealed that two new agents would be joining the game's roster by the end of 2023, following Gekko. One of them is the recently introduced Norwegian Sentinel, Deadlock (Agent 23), while the other is a much anticipated Duelist agent (Agent 24).

Riot Games had kept Agent 24 tightly under wraps since then. However, recent leaks have emerged, revealing the upcoming Duelist's player card and codename. It appears that Agent 24 will have unique abilities that will most likely shake up the meta.

Valorant Agent 24 could be a Duelist with bulletproof abilities

Riot has confirmed the release of three agents in 2023, with Gekko (Initiator) and Deadlock (Sentinel) already in play. According to leaks shared by ValorLeaks, the upcoming Duelist agent's player card is labelled “Bulletproof”, and their codename is “Hyperfocus.”

A leaked image of Valorant Agent 24's player card from ValorLeaks.
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Credit: ValorLeaks

The leaked card showcases a generator-like contraption emitting a vibrant blue light, reminiscent of KAY/O’s design. From this visual clue, Valorant players are speculating that Agent 24's abilities might integrate Radianite machinery or robotic mechanisms to help them “focus” on the battlefield.

However, what has truly piqued the curiosity of the Valorant community is the intriguing "Bulletproof" attribute associated with this upcoming agent.

While the concept of blocking bullets has already been explored by Riot through abilities like Astra’s Cosmic Divide and Harbor’s Cove, Valorant players are eagerly anticipating the new agent’s kit to revolve heavily around being invulnerable. Instead of what the game has now in terms of bullet deflection, this agent may be able to become bulletproof themselves, pushing through sites like a bulldozer!

A leaked image of Valorant Agent 24's player card.
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Credit: ValorLeaks
Agent 24 player card

Of course, these are all speculations based on the leaked information, and it’s up to anyone’s guess what the next agent will bring to the table.

Meanwhile, many Valorant players remain disheartened by the brutal Jett nerfs revealed ahead of the release of the 7.04 patch notes. As a result, there's speculation that this upcoming agent could “be a better version of Jett”.

Valorant Agent 24 release date


While Riot Games has not yet revealed the official release date for Agent 24, fans can anticipate the new agent's arrival sometime in November, coinciding with the buildup to the Game Changers Championship 2023. This strategic release approach is in line with how Riot Games' unveiled Deadlock prior to Valorant Champions 2023.

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