Valorant Deadlock Guide: Abilities, playstyle & more

Valorant Deadlock Guide

Valorant Deadlock Guide

Valorant newest addition to the agent pool is called Deadlock and is already a fan favourite agent.

The agent was introduced in Episode 7 Act 1, and players quickly fell in love with it. Deadlock is a sentinel agent, that offers players plenty of unique tools. Players can use Deadlock abilities to take map control, lockdown bombsites, and much more.

However, most Valorant players still don't know how to utilize Deadlock to its full potential. But you don't need to worry about that anymore, because this article will help you master the agent.

So, let's find out everything you need to know about Deadlock


Deadlock is the latest agent to arrive at Valorant and the first sentinel to be released since Chamber.

The sentinel agent pool is very small. Because of that, we normally have one agent that completely dominates the role.

At times it was Chamber, currently, it's Killjoy. Deadlock arrival aims to revitalize the role, and give sentinel players more options to choose from.

Valorant Deadlock
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As mentioned above, the Deadlock kit is unique. It's composed of four abilities. They are GravNet, Sonic Sensor, Barrier Mesh, and Annihilation.

Deadlock abilities are quite distinct, and they can perform plenty of different functions. They can be used to stop rushes, clear areas of the bombsites, or slow enemies.

So, let's take an in-depth look at Deadlock's abilities.


One of Deadlock's easiest abilities to use is GravNet. GravNet is a grenade that Deadlock equips and throws. Upon touching the ground, GravNet explodes creating a field that forces opponents to "crouch and move slowly".

Valorant Deadlock GravNet
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Credit: Attack of the Fanboy

This ability is perfect to clean difficult angles, forcing players out of positions, or stopping enemy rushes.

It's also very useful in post-plant situations since you can combo it with utility from other agents. When combined with a Viper molly, or Kiljoy Nanoswarm, GravNet can be deadly.

Sonic Sensor

Sonic Sensor is a very similar ability to Kiljoy Alarmbot. Just like the Alarmbot, the Sonic Sensor "monitors" one area of the map. It gives your team precious information about the enemy's whereabouts.

However, the Alarmbot activates as soon as an enemy enters its range. As for the Sonic Sensor, it works differently. The trap only activates if the opponents make noise while passing by it, which means players can sneak by.

When the sensor is activated, it concusses players inside its area. This area is quite big, which forces players to either retreat or push forward, to avoid being concussed.

Valorant Deadlock Sonic Sensor
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Credit: PCGamesN

This ability is best used in bombsite entrances. It can also be placed on-site if you are playing far back.

In situations where you are at a numeric disadvantage, and don't know the opponent's whereabouts, you can use this ability to cover flank positions.

However, you should always be aware that people can sneak by your Sonic Sensor, and catch you off guard. So, you can't just completely disregard that area, as you do with the Killjoy Alarmbot.

Barrier Mesh

Barrier Mesh is one of the most unique Valorant abilities. If we were to compare it to any other ability, it's similar to a Sage wall. However, you can shoot through it without having to destroy it.

Deadlock Barrier Mesh is an ability that after hitting the ground creates a barrier. This barrier blocks player movements, and to destroy it you will need to spend around 30 rifle bullets.

Valorant Deadlock Barrier Mesh
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You want to use Barrier Mesh to block bombsite entrances and close down choke points. It's one of the best abilities in the game to stop rushes, giving your teammates plenty of time to rotate or even flank the enemies.

There is also a plethora of ways you can combine Barrier Mesh with other agents' abilities. You can block an area with Barrier Mesh, and trap opponents inside. Then, your teammates can use Raze nade, Brimstone Ultimate, Viper molly, and Sova Shock Bolt, among others, to secure an easy kill.


Annihilation is Deadlock's ultimate. In this ability, Deadlock fires a "pulse of nanowires that captures the first enemy contacted".

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If enemies are hit by it, they will be "cocooned", and "pulled along a nanowire path". When they reach the end of this path, they will die.

Valorant Deadlock Annihilation
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Credit: ONE Esports

There is nothing enemies can do while inside Annihilation. They can just hope their teammates can destroy the cocoon and liberate them.

This ability can be used to clear hard angles, but it's extremely useful when you are in clutch situations. You can use it to force enemies out of the bomb or force them out of their hiding spots.

Deadlock playstyle

Contrary to what many Valorant players believe, Deadlock's playstyle is very different from Killjoy or Cypher's playstyle.

They have some similarities, mostly on the defensive side. They both are expected to hold bombsites, and stop enemy rushes. However, Deadlock, similar to Sage, has its unique playstyle.

Killjoy, Cypher, or even Chamber want to take solo control of an area of the map, and lurk on the attacking side.

But that's not the case for Deadlock. You can still do it, and find some success with it. However, you won't be using Deadlock to the maximum of her potential.

Deadlock truly shines when you have a coordinated team. On attack, you want to set up your two Sonic Sensors to watch the flanks. Then, use your Barrier Mesh to close out choke points when you are executing into a bombsite.

Valorant Deadlock
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This will make it easier for allies to gain control of the bombsite. It also forces enemies to either play overaggressive or give up the area and play retake.

For example, when executing into the A bombsite on Bind, Barrier Mesh is perfect to close out lamps. Her grenade is great to force enemies out of position and help teammates take control of the bathroom area.

GravNet can be combined with Raze nade, Viper molly, or other similar abilities. Causing a lot of damage in a specific area, and securing kills without having to use one single bullet.

So, try to always combine your abilities with your teammates' utility, especially on the attacking side. Make sure to also tell them where you are throwing your nade and barrier. This way, they can better capitalize on it.

Try to also learn some lineups, since they will come in handy. Sometimes they even change the outcome of a round.

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