Jett Nerfs Put Her "In The Dirt" Say Valorant Players

A screenshot of Jett from the Valorant DUELIST cinematic trailer.
Credit: Riot Games

A screenshot of Jett from the Valorant DUELIST cinematic trailer.
Credit: Riot Games

Jett mains are noticeably distressed, and for some, it's a period of mourning, ever since Riot Games revealed their plans for major Jett nerfs in the upcoming 7.04 patch. These nerfs have been widely criticised, with many saying they will effectively put Jett “in the dirt”. The popular Duelist has been a point of contention since her release due to her prevailing dominance in the meta.

This time, Jett will be hit pretty hard with the nerf hammer. Her mobility and flexibility, which have become an integral part of her kit and identity, are set to suffer a major blow in the form of decreased utility. These changes have left both amateurs and professionals scratching their heads. Most are questioning why Riot would choose to implement such sweeping and severe changes all at once.

What are the major Jett nerfs coming in Valorant patch 7.04?

In the upcoming patch 7.04, Jett will receive substantial nerfs all across the board:

Tailwind (E)

  • Dash window decreased from 12 seconds to 7.5 seconds
  • Activation windup increased from 0.75 seconds to 1 second

Cloudburst (C)

  • Duration decreased from 4.5 seconds to 2.5 seconds

Updraft (Q)

  • Charges decreased from 2 to 1

Blade Storm (X)

  • Ultimate points increased from 7 to 8

Valorant community’s response to Jett nerfs

Undeniably, Jett has held sway over both lower and higher elo, with the ability to single-handedly snowball the game in the hands of a skilled player. Yet, these nerfs have spurred Valorant players to unite in solidarity with Jett mains.

A meme of "Riot Games" holding up a peace sign next to Jett's grave. Cause of death: severe nerfs in the upcoming Valorant patch 7.04.
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Credit: jijiyenlul
"Jett is dead"

In response to the Valorant patch 7.04 Twitter post, it’s clear that even players who hold a strong antipathy towards Jett are acknowledging that these changes are nothing short of "BRUTAL". They admit that their biases would not have driven them to "go that far". Many say that Riot might as well “delete Jett from the game”.

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On the other hand, victims of Jett’s continued dominance within the casual community have responded to these nerfs with hilarious memes and sighs of “good riddance”. Some players acknowledge Jett's unfair advantage and her debatable level of flexibility, and they are embracing these nerfs as a positive step forward.

A screenshot of Yoru pointing a gun at Jett in the Valorant RETAKE Episode 2 cinematic trailer.
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Credit: Riot Games

When it comes to professional play, where Jett's prowess truly shines, her nerfs have generally not been well-received.

FNATIC Derke, one of the most prolific Jett players in the world, has taken to Twitter to express his concern about these changes. He questions why Riot opted for such a drastic course of action instead of a more gradual and methodical approach: “Don’t see any reason why we can’t experiment with smaller changes than killing an agent as a whole and possibly not seeing it for a long time in the game instead of making more variety on what to play.”

In response to Derke’s tweet, cNed, another accomplished Jett player, remarks that Riot is “thinking killing agents will make other agents playable I think and it's so wrong”.

An image of Jett having no abilities, edited by vladk0r.
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Credit: vladk0r

It appears that Riot is adamant about shaking up the meta, as these impending Jett changes are projected to shift the spotlight onto other Duelists in the game.

Valorant Analysts, such as Anderzz and slow, have weighed in on the matter. They comment that the meta has now “opened up” and predict the possibility that it may now shift over to Raze and Chamber once again.

A "love-hate" dynamic characterises the relationship that most Valorant players share with Jett. Not only due to her indisputable strength but also from the widespread running joke that Jett mains are one of the more volatile players of the game. Nevertheless, there's no denying her iconic status within Valorant. "RIP Jett" has reemerged once again, prompting Jett mains to explore inventive strategies for playing her effectively in the upcoming second act of Episode 7.

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