Valorant 7.04 Patch Notes: Huge Jett nerfs, agent changes & more

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Valorant agent Jett
Credit: Valorant Item Store

The Valorant 7.04 Patch Notes have finally been revealed, and they confirmed the patch is bringing some huge changes. This patch goes live at the beginning of Episode 7 Act 2.

It's been a long time since Valorant released a patch where so many agents were stuck by the Nerf hammer. More than half of the agents in the game were affected in some shape or form. According to the developers, these changes are "focused on increasing game state clarity".

However, no agent was more affected than Jett. The duelist queen was massively nerfed, again, and will take a step back in the Valorant tier list. So, let's find out everything about Valorant patch 7.04.

Agent changes

As mentioned above, most Valorant agents underwent significant changes. The majority of these changes were nerfs, that in some cases, completely change how the agent is played.

That's why this patch is so important, as it will completely shift the meta, and force players to adapt to the new era of Valorant. For example, Jett will no longer be the most picked duelist, as she received heavy nerfs.

Her Cloudburst duration decreased significantly, as did her dash window. Jett also saw her ultimate points be increased to eight, while her Updraft charge decreased to one.

Valorant Agent Jett
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Jett got the worst end of the Nerf Hammer!

But Jett wasn't the only agent to receive big nerfs. Skye, Viper, and Killjoy were also victims of the Nerf hammer. The three agents are among the best in their roles, so these nerfs will change the Valorant meta, and it won't be by just a little.

According to the Riot Games developers, all the changes the Valorant 7.04 patch brings have the following goals:

  • "Reducing the frequency of large area of effect of ultimates"
  • "Reducing the amount of time utility is active in the world"
  • "Reducing the HP of shootable utility"
  • "We also believe the Ultimate cost updates below better align large area, high-impact ults with the pressure they place on the enemy, creating both a better pacing of the round-defining abilities and a clearer choice competition between high and low cost ults."

Valorant 7.04 Patch Notes

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Here are the complete patch notes of Valorant patch 7.04.


  • Aftershock (C)
    • Ticks reduced from 3 to 2
    • Damage increased from 60 per tick to 80
  • Rolling Thunder (X)
    • Ultimate points increased 8>>>9


  • Orbital Strike (X)
    • Ultimate points increased 7>>>8


  • Prowler (C)
    • Time to re-equip gun takes slightly longer after using the ability


  • Mosh Pit (C)
    • The impacted area does 10 damage per second before exploding
  • Wingman (Q)
    • HP reduced 100>>>80
  • Thrash (X)
    • Thrash’s explosion had a little makeover to make it easier to see and understand the area it has affected (on top of being beautiful)


  • Lockdown (X)
    • Ultimate points increased 8>>>9


  • Paranoia (Q)
    • No movement velocity imparted when casting


  • Guiding Light (E)
    • Max duration while casting reduced 2.5s >>>2s
  • Trailblazer (Q)
    • HP reduced 100>>>80
  • Seekers (X)
    • Ultimate Points increased 7 >>>8
    • Seeker Health decreased 150>>>120


  • Recon Bolt (E)
    • Total number of scans reduced 3>>>2


  • Viper’s Pit (X)
    • Ultimate points increased 8>>>9


  • Gravity Well (C)
    • Startup time increased .6>>>1.25
    • Gravity time duration decreased 2.75>>>2.0
  • Nova Pulse (Q)
    • Startup time decreased from 1.25>>>1.0
  • Cosmic Divide (X)
    • Audio now is blocked completely by the wall rather than muffled


  • Tailwind (E)
    • Dash window decreased 12s>>>7.5s
    • Activation windup increased 0.75s>>>1s
  • Cloudburst (C)
    • Duration decreased 4.5s>>>2.5s
    • Time to re-equip gun takes slightly longer after using the ability.
  • Updraft (Q)
    • Charges decreased 2>>>1
  • Blade Storm (X)
    • Ultimate points increased 7>>>8

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