The Best Nintendo Games of The Decade!

Nintendo has risen to become one of the world's most prominent developers of all time, with titles such as Pokemon, Super Mario, and Zelda under their belt, they have produced some of the best titles in recent memory.

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The past decade has been filled with Nintendo hits, but with so many there are some that we might not immediately think of.

Let's take a look at some of the best titles Nintendo has produced over the last decade!

10. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Released back in 2017 during the Nintendo Switch's initial launch, The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild is still considered the best Switch game of all time to this date.

Perhaps the most immersive Zelda game ever created, it is full of secret areas to explore and countless hours exploring the beautiful area that the game is set in.

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If you own a Nintendo Switch, you NEED to have this game in your library, one of the best games of the last decade and we cannot wait for the second Breath of the Wild.

9. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The most recent entry to Nintendo's hit fighter series, Super Smash Bros Ultimate is widely considered by many as one of the best in the series.

A perfect fighting game with a wide cast of characters from all Nintendo games throughout the years, this game is great for a big group of friends or just by yourself playing against people online.

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8. Super Mario Odyssey

The Mario franchise is perhaps the most known Nintendo franchise of all time, the most recent entry into the series was released back in 2017 along with the release of the Nintendo Switch.

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If you are looking for an excellent platformer with an overall solid story, Super Mario Odyssey takes the cake as one of the best Mario games of all time.

With exciting worlds and places to explore across the entirety of the game.

7. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Earlier we talked about how amazing Breath of the Wild was and how it has propelled the Zelda franchise into one of the best of all time. But, what kickstarted the decade of stellar Zelda games was Skyward Sword.

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Originally released back in 2011 for the Wii, this game was widely considered one of the best of all time back during the original Wii games. And to this date, we can still look at this Zelda title was one of the best.

6. Mario Kart 8

This once goes without saying, we all know what Mario Kart is. From the tricky yet beautiful race tracks to all the new features Mario Kart 8 introduced back in 2014 during the Wii U release and during the Deluxe version's release for the Switch. Mario Kart is one of the best series Nintendo has going right now, and it is is a must-have for any Nintendo fan.

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5. Super Mario Galaxy 2

The sequel to the Nintendo Wii's biggest hit of all time was released at the beginning of the decade in 2010.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 picked up right where the first title left off, without of this world platforming and puzzles for players to solve.

The Galaxy franchise is long overdue for another title, but for now, Super Mario Galaxy 2 will have to justify.

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4. Super Mario 3D Land

Going all the way back to the Nintendo 3DS and 2011, Super Mario 3D Land was considered by many as one of the best 3DS games of all time.

Since this is already the fourth Mario game on our list, it goes without saying that Mario is one of the best franchises of all time.

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3. Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Straying away from the Zelda's and Marios of the last decade, we now turn our attention to perhaps the best Animal Crossing game of all time.

New Leaf was the last iteration we have seen from the franchise as we patiently wait for the Switch stand-alone to release in the coming months. Becoming a mayor in a brand new city as never felt so satisfying as it does in New Leaf and it is a must-try for fans of the series.

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2. Fire Emblem Awakening

Nintendo's third-person tactical combat title was released back in 2012 and it still considered one of the best Fire Emblem titles of the series.

With all the classic JRPG mechanics in place, the maps, characters and everything about this title is fantastic and is one of the best games of the decade for sure.

1. All Pokemon Titles

There have been numerous Pokemon titles to release over the last decade, starting the decade we had Pokemon Black and White and ending the decade we just got to experience Sword and Shield.

Each title introduced some brand new gameplay features along with new Pokemon and it is hard to pinpoint one as the best of the decade. One of the most influential franchises of all time for sure.

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