Rocket League Season 8 COUNTDOWN: Release Time, Rocket Pass & More

It's almost spooky season once again but, more importantly, it's finally time for Rocket League Season 8 to begin!

We have all the juicy details about the Season 8 release time, rocket pass and the return of the Haunted Hallows event! Here's everything you need to know.

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LATEST - Season 8 Is Live!

You can now head into Rocket League and enjoy all content arriving as part of Season 8!

Just Hours To Go!

Rocket League Season 8 is almost here and we're expecting it to drop at around 8 am PST / 11 am EST / 4 pm BST / 5 pm CET. Ready up for the new Rocket Pass and Sovereign Heights stadium to arrive by checking out the Patch Notes!

Rocket League Season 8

Rocket League Season 8 Release Time

Season 8 of Rocket League will be going live on Wednesday, 7 September. A game update is expected on 6 September at 4 pm PT / 7 pm ET / 12 am BST (technically on the 7th for the UK).

There's a first-time ever for the Rocket Pass in Season 8 as well as a brand new arena. The ever-popular Haunted Hallows will also fall under this season with more details still to come!

Season 8 Rocket Pass

As we just mentioned, something coming to the Season 8 Rocket Pass has never happened before, an IRL car is featured!

The Honda Civic Type R is coming to Rocket League and will be unlocked immediately for anyone who purchased the Premium Rocket Pass. The vehicle has the Octane hitbox and an upgraded version, the Honda Civic Type R-LE can be unlocked later in the pass.

rocket league season 8 rocket pass info and prices
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As usual, there are over 70 tiers of unique rewards on offer and the pass can be bought for 1,000 Credits or the Rocket Pass Bundle can be bought for 2,000 credits and offers 12 additional tier unlocks straight away.

New Arena & Haunted Hallows

The Sovereign Heights arena also arrives in Rocket League Season 8 to spice up the current map rotation. This arena appears to be set in a downtown urban environment and has an ultra slick look to it.

rocket league sovereign heights new arena
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In addition to the new arena, Rocket League Season 8 will also see the return of Haunted Hallows. In recent years we've seen Ghostbusters, Batman & Stranger Things crossovers so who knows what Psyonix have planned this year!

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