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Rocket League Haunted Hallows 2022: Start Date, Rewards & Game Modes

Rocket League Haunted Hallows

Rocket League Season 8 is just around the corner, and fans are already excited for the first big event of the cycle. Haunted Hallows of years past has brought us timeless new cosmetics, goal explosions, and more. This year, however, promises to be even bigger and better.

Let's look at all the information we have so far about the upcoming holiday event.

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Haunted Hallows Release Date

No information has been released yet about the official release of Haunted Hallows in Rocket League this year. However with last year's release falling mid-October, on the 14th to be exact, we can assume a very similar release date this year.

Rocket League Ghontbusters Collaboration
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This will give players a chance to grind through the time-limited challenges and reap the rewards as Halloween rapidly approaches at the end of October.

New Haunted Hallows Cosmetics

Although we are still waiting for leaks about the new items coming this Halloween, we can make some pretty good guesses based on previous years of fantastic content.

Rocket League Batman collaboration
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With big collaboration front and centre for the past few years, we can expect Psyonix to have something special in store. Previous years have seen huge names come to Rocket League, including Ghostbusters and DC's Batman, so expect something spooky to be on the roster.

New Haunted Hallows Game Mode

This year we may be lucky enough to once again get a time-limited game mode for Haunted Hallows. Previous years have seen modes like Haunted Heatseeker for Halloween and of course Snow Day, the ice hockey game mode that returns for Christmas.

Whether Haunted Heatseeker will return remains to be seen, but we can expect a landmark collaboration, plentiful customisation options, and a whole lot of fun in store for the upcoming holiday celebrations. Keep an eye on the Rocket League twitter, and watch this space for updates.

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