25 Oct 2021 7:30 PM +00:00 UTC

NHL 22 Update 1.11 Patch Notes for October 25 fix crashes on PS4, PS5 & Xbox

NHL 22 has now released Update 1.11, and this patch looks to fix a series of issues plaguing the title since launch.

With NHL 22 Update 1.11 now live with the patch on PS4, PS5, and both Xbox consoles, here's everything you need to know about this latest set of fixes.

NHL 22 Update 1.11 Patch Notes for October 22 & October 25

After initially releasing on October 22 and going live for PS4 and PS5, the latest NHL 22 update has now been made available on Xbox.

NHL 22 Update 1.11 is available to download on all platforms now, and it clocks in at 1.85 GB on PS4 and 2.03 GB on Xbox Series X|S.

NHL 22 Update 1.11 Patch Notes October 25 October 22
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DROP THE PUCK: The puck on this patch has been dropped and it's now live

We're not sure of exact size on PS5 and Xbox One, but both should be similarly close to the 2 GB range that PS4 and Xbox Series X|S are at.


Unfortunately details are pretty scarce, as EA has chosen not to release any official Patch Notes for Update 1.11 and instead simply tweeted about the update's focus.

Despite that, we do have a general idea of what they were aiming to fix when this patch was released.

NHL 22 crashes and desyncs get the focus in this early patch

Rather than releasing detailed patch notes, likely due to the very narrow scope of this patch that might more accurately be called a hotfix, the official EA Sports NHL account let us know what was remedied this time.

NHL 22 Update 1.11 makes the following fixes, according to EA:

  • Fixes various desyncs and crashes

Yup, that's it. While there is sure to be more to come down the line with a more extensive update as EA sees what other issues arise in NHL 22, this one was simple.

Game-breaking bugs that desync while playing online or crash the game entirely are always priority one, and the best thing here is that EA didn't delay getting this fix out to gamers.

NHL 22 has only been available for a few short weeks, and any major glitches like this were sure to frustrate the gamers that took the leap and got the game early.

The next NHL 22 Update is more likely to have extensive patch notes, especially if we see some in-game additions or gameplay alterations, but as of now NHL 22 Update 1.11 goes sans Patch Notes with just a few quick fixes on the docket.