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14 Apr 2020

PS5: DualSense Controller's Will Change FPS Forever - Rainbow Six Siege, Valorant & More

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Adaptive Triggers

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Haptic Feedback

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Recently, the new DualSense controller was shown off to the public, though this will release alongside the PS5 later this year.

There are a few features that will make the DualSense stand out.

These being Adaptive Triggers, Haptic feedback and more!

These features will increase the immersion while playing
games, improving their overall quality.

Continue below to find out about how these features may be implemented into First Person Shooters.

Adaptive Triggers

Adaptive Triggers will allow developers to implement resistance when firing.

ps5 dualshock fps gameplay

FPS IMMERSION - Increase your immersion with all the new features on the DualShock 5.

This will add another layer of immersion when playing FPS Games.

Unfortunately, this is not a particularly competitive advantage, other than being more in tune with the fire rate of your weapon.

This may also allow more precise shooting with increased
resistance, making tap firing more realistic.

We’ll have to wait to get our hands on the controller to get
the full experience, but it’s shaping up to be quite the gamepad!

Haptic Feedback

Haptic Feedback is considered one of the best ways to increase immersion. This includes adaptive triggers with rumble motors.

PS5 dualshock 5 fps games immersion

IMMERSION TO THE MAX - Haptic features will add a new level of immersion for DualShock.

The Haptic Feedback will also improve the rumble motors in the controllers, allowing for more feedback when traversing surfaces and interacting with objects.

Again, this will be more of an immersion factor for FPS
games rather than a competitive feature.

That said, you should be much more focussed on the game with
greater immersion, possibly improving your reflexes in clutch situations.

Create Button

The Create Button is an improvement on the previous ‘Share’

This will allow the PS5 to include more in-depth movie-making features with the possibility of 4k 60fps capture.

DualShock 5 design

NEW HORIZONS - This design takes a new approach to

We hope to see some amazing content creators take advantage of this feature and make some stunning scenes in games such as Horizon Zero Dawn 2 and God of War 2.

Sony hasn’t said much more on this, so there are many assumptions as to what this could mean for gaming in the future.

We do know this will make for some epic montages on FPS
games and for some smaller players to start making a name for themselves on the