NBA 2K22 MyTEAM: Unlimited and Triple Threat Online get MASSIVE changes

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Season 2 of NBA 2K22 is only days away! As players get ready to take on the new challenges, a patch update came that altered two popular game modes.

NBA 2K22 MyTEAM Unlimited and Triple Threat Online both received huge changes that will definitely affect the way players receive rewards.

Let's take a look at the changes coming to NBA 2K22 MyTEAM for Season 2.


NBA 2K22 MyTEAM: Unlimited Changes

It makes sense that Season 2 would bring a massive change to NBA 2K22 MyTEAM, but even we weren't expecting some of the changes coming to Unlimited.

For those of you that don't play much MyTEAM, Unlimited is the game mode where you pit your lineup against others 5v5 with no restrictions. The latest change to MyTEAM Unlimited will benefit everyone!

Lebron James in NBA 2K22 Unlimited
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UNLIMITED ACTION: Set your MyTEAM lineup and hit Unlimited in Season 2

Here is a list of the changes coming to NBA 2K22 MyTEAM Limited:

  • Each tier in Unlimited will now have 16 games available.
  • 12-0 records are no longer required for the Seasonal Grand Prize.
  • Showdown Tier added for an extra challenge after Galaxy Opal.
  • Exchange Event Card that will net you 15K XP towards next season.

You'll definitely want to compete in MyTEAM Unlimited in Season 2 as the Seasonal Grand Prize is a Pink Diamond Gary Payton.

NBA 2K22 MyTEAM: Triple Threat Online Changes

MyTEAM Unlimited wasn't the only game mode that will see a big change in Season 2, Triple Threat Online is getting in on the action too.

Triple Threat Online is a fast-paced 3v3 game mode and it's become one of the most popular NBA 2K22 MyTEAM modes. The changes to Triple Threat in NBA 2K22 definitely help the winners out a ton!

Triple Threat Online hub in NBA 2K22
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TTO ACTION: Winning games in Triple Threat Online in Season 2 will be legendary!

Here are the Season 2 changes coming to Triple Threat Online:

  • Wins in TTO will NOT subtract your opponent's points from your 100.
  • Ball Drops will be adjusted for wins and losses in each tier.
  • Special Event cards will be added for use in The Exchange

This will make it easier than ever for players to get into higher tiers and earn more rewards! The rewards are likely to include more Colossal Packs and a unique card!