FIFA 21 Mobile: Price, Cover Star, Versus Modes, Game Modes & more

EA’s on-the-go alternative, what will next season bring to the mobile version of the FIFA franchise?

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With the hype around FIFA 21 and the next gen consoles increasing each day, what will EA have in store for the next edition of FIFA?

This year saw revamps to the gameplay like set-pieces and a new ball physics engine as well as additions to game modes like Career Mode.

FIFA 20’s mobile game also received a fresh new feel with Division Rivals arriving this year to the handheld version of the game.


What is FIFA Mobile?

FIFA Mobile provides a free social platform for you to take your team in whichever direction you choose.

You are given a low-level team to begin with and as you play various game modes your team develops with new additions in Ultimate Team style.

FIFA Mobile Ultimate Team
BE THE BOSS! Manage your squad and assemble your Ultimate Team

You can also develop individual players with training XP points if you find yourself out of luck with in-game packs.

Game modes vary from the World Tour to being able to challenge your friends in full scale 11v11 matches online. Keep a track of your record to boast to your mates!

Cover Star

The likes of Eden Hazard, Virgil van Dijk and Paulo Dybala feature on the FIFA 20 Mobile app, but will we see a change in personnel next year?

With such elite talent as the stars mentioned above, could Brazilian superstar Neymar be the next player to front FIFA Mobile?

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There has been no confirmation of who the cover stars will be just yet, so watch this space!

Game Modes

FIFA 20 Mobile saw Division Rivals for the first time, offering a new way to play online against your opponents.

The introduction of the Champions League to FIFA also arrived on mobile as you could participate in live events corresponding with the real-life tournament.

FIFA Mobile Game Play
TOUCH OF A BUTTON: The simple controls are easy to pick up as you play your way to victory.

These two new game modes could get a refresh on FIFA 21 Mobile to keep them at the forefront of the game.

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As ever, the World Tour is set to continue, with your journey to world domination a few clicks away…


Adidas GMR

Your real-life activity counts in the game!

One of the coolest features of FIFA Mobile, you can purchase a chip to place in your shoe that will monitor every sprint, shot and pass you make.

These activities provide in-game rewards, with a 95 OVR Paulo Dybala a gift for connecting!


The great thing about FIFA Mobile… it’s free!

The game itself is free to play, although there are in-game purchases with a variety of packages available.

Just like FIFA Ultimate Team, in-game currency and packs are all able to be bought throughout the game.

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