Road to the Show missions not working for some users

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MLB The Show 21 is out now, and unfortunately the players hoping to enjoy Road to the Show have run into a series of issues including missions that are not working.

If you're having trouble with missions tracking in Road to the Show for MLB The Show 21, we've got details on a potential temporary fix and when Sony San Diego should fix the issue.

How to fix missions not working in Road to the Show

If you're playing Road to the Show in MLB The Show 21, one of the things players want to work to complete are missions will help your progress in the Road to the Show program.

Earning XP and progress there will net you rewards, and this is the key way to earn new archetype and perk items for your Ballplayer Loadout.

If Road to the Show Missions aren't tracking for you, YouTube user TwinGamingTV has found a temporary workaround for the problem.

As explained in the video above, which provides step by step visuals on the process, you'll need to head to Diamond Dynasty to try and get the game working as intended.

After playing an at-bat with your Ballplayer in Diamond Dynasty, it seems to fix the issues of missions not working and progress not tracking.

Unfortunately this may not work for everyone, and this is just a temporary fix until MLB The Show 21 gets a proper update to remedy the issue.

MLB The Show 21 update promised for Road to the Show

We've already heard from Sony San Diego promising changes to Road to the Show in the future, and ironically a key focus is making it so players don't have to play Diamond Dynasty.

MLB The Show 21 Road to the Show
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DO THE WORK: Road to the Show lets you work towards the MLB

There also could be issues where players aren't currently interested in Diamond Dynasty because of the massive server problems the game has had since launch.

Exactly when an update is coming to fix these Road to the Show issues isn't known, but Sony San Diego has seemed on top of things so far and may already have one in the works.

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