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26 Jun 2020

Minecraft Pocket Edition Nether Update! - Netherite Armour, Tools, Mobs Biomes and More!

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Netherite Armour and Tools

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New Blocks

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The new Minecraft 1.16 update is here for all platforms, including pocket edition!

This new patch changes up the way we'll experience the Nether in Minecraft.

This also brings a host of new gameplay changes like new blocks and biomes.

Read below, for all the notable details of the update!

Netherite Armour and Tools

Netherite armour and tools add a new grind for veterans and new players alike.

piglins minecraft 2

PIGLINS AND PIGMEN - The new mobs in the Nether make it feel much more alive and lived in!

Netherite can be applied to diamond armour to make a new set. If you're wondering how to craft it, check out our other piece here!

You'll need to head to the Nether to begin crafting your Netherite armour. You'll also find loads of new blocks and textures here too.

New Blocks

Some of the new blocks included in the update include the Target block and Ancient Debris.

target block minecraft

TARGET PRACTICE - The new target blocks allow you to train your aim without the need for mobs!

Most of the new blocks add gameplay features that weren't previously available.

A great example of this is the Target Block, which tests your accuracy with a bow and arrow.


With this update, comes some new mobs.

minecraft bees 1

PLAYERS PARADISE - Minecraft is a new and amazing world for you to explore!

These include Piglins, Striders and Zoglins just to mention a few. These are mainly present in the Nether.

For a full rundown of the mobs in the new update, click here!


The Biomes added in this update completely change up the way you'll explore the Nether.

minecraft ancient debris

ANCIENT DEBRIS - Ancient Debris is the new block you need to mine to get Netherite!

The Soulsand Valley, Crimson Forest, Warped Forest and more have all been added to make the Nether a more dynamic location.

This will make the Nether more challenging to navigate, but also give you a better reason to return to the Nether.

We've linked a list of the full patch notes here!