Minecraft 2020 Piglins: Are they replacing Zombie Pigmen? Nether, Trading, Location & More

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Minecraft's Nether Update landed on 23 June, bringing with it biomes, mobs and tools.

You could say that the update encourages exploration due thanks to the sheer quantity of new things that have arrived, but you need to know what you are up against.

Piglins and their zombified counterparts are scattered throughout Nether, so continue below for everything we have on the mobs so far.

Zombified Piglins

What is a Zombified Piglin we hear you ask?

piglins minecraft 3
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CUTE BUT WILL ATTACK: Zombified Piglins absolutely terrify their living counterparts!

Well, it's a valid question, since it's the new name for neutral mobs that spawn throughout Nether.

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Unlike zombies and skeletons, they do not burn if they are exposed to sunlight, and they will attack the player if provoked!

These mobs used to be called 'Zombie Pigmen' before the Nether Update, so naturally there was some confusion.


Piglins are semi-friendly mob that can be found lingering throughout the Nether region.

piglins mc
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COME PREPARED: If you stumble across a Piglin unequipped you’ll be in for a nasty surprise!

If the player is wearing any gold armor, the Piglin will not behave aggressively or attack.

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This could be because they wield gold-plated weapons of their own, and if they are not angered by the encounter, they will trade with the player for gold.

Piglins will also attack one of the most essential life sources in Nether; hoglins, so you'll have to compete for them!

Finally, Piglins are afraid of anything related to soul fire.


Piglins and Zombidied Piglins are found in one place in particular, and that’s the crimson forest.

crimson forest minecraft
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IF YOU GO DOWN TO THE WOODS TODAY: New creatures and mobs lurk in the Crimson Forest!

This is just one of the three new biomes that have been introduced in the Nether Update.

Hoglins can only spawn here, alongside piglins and zombified piglins.


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