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Minecraft Xbox One Best Seeds 2020! - Early Diamond Spawn, Survival Island and More!

Minecraft has been around for over a decade.

The game still has a dedicated player base which loves to explore, build and create some amazing spectacles.

By using seeds, you can choose the world you play the game in.

This gives you the ability to customise your expereince, and tailor the way you play the game.

If your looking for the best seeds to use on the Xbox One, you've come to the right place.

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Early Diamond Spawn

Seed: -2009079104

minecraft piglin
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NETHER UPDATE - Minecraft's most recent update has revamped the entire Nether experience.


Diamond is one of the end game items you'll be looking for.

By getting diamonds, you can create some amazing items like nether portals and enchantment tables.

You'll find three seperate diamond spawns very close to teh spawn point.

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Remember, you'll need an iron pick to mine the diamonds, so make sure you bring the right equipment.

Survival Island

Seed: -9089409167323528152

minecraft villagers
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TRADE AND PROTECT - Trade with the villagers to get some awesome items!


The Survival Island mod allows players to experience Minecraft in a completely different way.

With limited resources and space, the player must try and build a home and survive using the mechanics in Minecraft.

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Unfortunately, there is no mod on Xbox that allows you to play this game mode.

Don't worry, we've got you covered. This seed is a great alternative to the mod and allows you to get the same experience.

Two Temples and Five Villages

Seed: -9065479248748140566

minecraft bees 1
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PLAYERS PARADISE - Create some amazing and beautiful structures in Minecraft!


With this seed, you'll find a plethora of interesting villages and settlements right next to spawn.

This will set you up nicely at the start of the game with some quick gear and tools to prepare you for the first few days.

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Villages also allow the player to trade and get other items at the start of the game.

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