Madden 22: Patrick Mahomes must rejoin 99 Club in the Week 10 Roster Update ratings

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The next Madden 22 Roster Update is due this week, and all eyes turn to one player who recently got booted out of the prestigious 99 Club.

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Patrick Mahomes had an outstanding week, and he's made his case to return to that group with upgraded ratings in the Week 10 Madden 22 Roster Update.


Latest - Patrick Mahomes crowned Player of the Week in MUT 22

While we're still waiting on news about the Madden 22 Roster Update to arrive later this week, we're already learning about Team of the Week 10.

More players will be revealed tomorrow on Good Morning Madden, but they've already dropped the TOTW 10 Player of the Week.

This new 94 OVR card in MUT 22 immediately becomes one of the best quarterback options of them all, as it's behind only the Team Diamonds Master Dan Marino which has a 95 OVR rating.

Madden 22 Roster Update: Patrick Mahomes' Week 10 performance is 99 Club worthy

After getting booted out of the 99 Club a few weeks ago, Patrick Mahomes finds himself on the outside looking in when it comes to that prestigious group.


Only a handful of players get the honor of a 99 OVR rating each year, and right now just four players remain in that group for Madden 22.

Aaron Donald, Davante Adams, Jalen Ramsey, and Travis Kelce have all been in the 99 Club since Madden 22 launched and have stayed in that upper echelon.

Madden 22 Roster Update Week 10 Patrick Mahomes Ratings Travis Kelce
TEAM ELITE: Fellow Kansas City player Travis Kelce remains in the 99 Club

We saw Tom Brady and Justin Tucker briefly spend a week in the club after their amazing record-breaking weeks, but those were only temporary, and both of them were booted back out one week later.

The first and only player so far to lose their 99 Club status after being in it when Madden 22 launched is Patrick Mahomes, but he's made a strong case to be put back in the group.

Despite a few lackluster weeks, Mahomes reminded everyone who he was by torching the Las Vegas Raiders with 406 passing yards and 5 touchdowns en route to a 41-14 victory.

Patrick Mahomes Madden 22 Ratings changes since launch

To get an idea of how he could return to the 99 Club, let's first look at how Patrick Mahomes was removed from that group in Madden 22.

Each week brings a new Madden 22 Roster Update, and while the focus tends to center on who saw their OVR rating move, players are also getting their individual attributes adjusted which affects that OVR rating.

Madden 22 Roster Update Week 10 Patrick Mahomes Ratings
UNDER PRESSURE: His ability to avoid sacks has fluctuated

Right as the season started, in the Week 1 Roster Update, Mahomes saw his Break Sack Rating decreased to an 89 from the 90 he had at launch.

Everything else remained unchanged until Week 5, and that's when Mahomes also saw a one-point decrease to give him just a 96 in Awareness.


In Week 6, his Break Tackle was docked 2 points down to a 74, but the lack of changes in Week 7 may have been the calm before the storm.

In Week 8, Mahomes was ejected from the 99 Club as he dropped to 98 OVR, and that was fueled by 1-point deductions giving him a 95 in Awareness and 96 in Throw Accuracy Short, as well was 2-point deductions knocking him down to just a 91 in Throw Accuracy Medium and 92 in Throw Accuracy Deep.

In Week 9, things continued to worsen as Mahomes lost 4 points to dip to an 88 in Throw Accuracy Deep, another 1-point deduction left him with a 90 in Throw Accuracy Medium, but Mahomes actually saw his Awareness back up 1-point to a 96.

If we look at his Week 10 performance, there's no doubt Mahomes did what he needed to earn back some of those deductions he's been hit with.

Mahomes managed his highest completion percentage since Week 4, most yards all season, most completions in a game this season, most touchdowns in a game this season, threw zero interceptions, and was never sacked.

With Break Tackle, Break Sack, and Accuracy being what dinged him earlier, the Madden 22 Roster Update for Week 10 should clearly show the influence of the Patrick Mahomes Madden 22 Rating.