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Madden 22: All 99 Club Members including the latest additions

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Madden 22 has been out for quite a few months now and the 99 Club has changed quite a bit since the game launched.

Some players have been removed while others have been added. It's kind of tough to keep up with if you aren't paying attention, but the latest addition has Cleveland fans ecstatic.

Check out the recent addition and all the other 99 Club members below!

LATEST - Myles Garrett added to the 99 Club

The Madden 22 99 Club has been shaken up recently with now only four players in the elite group. Before today, there were only three players in total, but now Myles Garrett has been added.

This is definitely a worthy addition to the 99 Club. Garrett has been integral in the Browns success on defense, so far this season Garret has 15 sacks and 28 QB Hits.

Madden 22 99 Club Myles Garrett
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FIRST EVER: Garrett is the first player in Browns history to make the 99 Club

Garrett's addition brings the total of defensive 99 Club members to three, that's out of five 99 Club players overall.

The two offensive members now are tight-end Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs and Davante Adams of the Green Bay Packers. To read more about Myles Garrett's addition to the 99 Club, head here.

Madden 22: Every 99 Club Member

The 99 Club is an upper echelon of players in Madden that get the coveted max 99 OVR rating.

Madden 21 Davante Adams Home Crowd Green Bay Packers
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NEW GOAT STATUS?: Davante Adams is the first member of the Madden 22 99 Club

Patrick Mahomes and DeAndre Hopkins have both been dropped out of the 99 Club and their spots have been filled with other players. We have the updated list below.

Here are the five members of the Madden 22 99 Club:

  • Davante Adams, WR, Green Bay Packers
  • Aaron Donald, RE, Los Angeles Rams
  • Travis Kelce, TE, Kansas City Chiefs
  • Jalen Ramsey, CB, Los Angeles Rams
  • Myles Garrett, RE, Cleveland Browns

This is Aaron Donald's fifth consecutive year of being a member of the 99 Club, while Myles Garrett and Jalen Ramsey are first-timers.

Madden 22 ratings will continue to be updated and we'll keep you in the loop as we find out more.

Check out our Madden 22 99 Club Predictions

Here are the players that we originally expected to find themselves in the 99 Club. This was of course long before the players were officially revealed.

Madden 22 99 club Davante Adams ratings
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STEAL THE SHOW: These superstars have earned their spot at the top in Madden 22

Here are the players we thought should've earned that coveted 99 OVR rating in Madden 22.

  • Tom Brady
  • Patrick Mahomes
  • Aaron Rodgers
  • Aaron Donald
  • Davante Adams
  • DeAndre Hopkins

A few of these players did earn the 99 OVR in Madden 22 but click here to see everything we know about Ultimate Team coming to Madden 22.

Madden 21 99 Club

The Madden 21 99 Club fluctuated plenty since the game's first release, and it ended up with more members than ever in its history!

Madden 21 99 club patrick mahomes joey bosa
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CUTTHROAT: The Madden 21 99 Club saw several members fall out post-launch, with new competition taking their place

These members remain in the Madden 21 99 Club to this day - some from launch day, others moving up over the course of the NFL season.

  • Aaron Donald
  • Davante Adams
  • DeAndre Hopkins
  • Patrick Mahomes
  • Stephon Gilmore
  • Travis Kelce

A few of these players made their way into the 99 Club for Madden 22, Aaron Donald, Davante Adams, Patrick Mahomes, and Travis Kelce being the four.

If you're excited to see more about Madden 22, check out the latest trailer and all the Deep Dive videos here.

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