03 Aug 2021 11:38 AM +00:00

How to get the Prop-Ifier in Fortnite

As if enough wasn't going on in Fortnite this week already with the Rift Tour, Ariana Grande skins and Fortnite X Suicide Squad crossover, now we've got the addition of the Prop-Ifier!

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Unlike the other alien tech that can be crafted or found in chests like the Plasma Cannon or Grab-Itron, the Prop-Ifier must be purchased in a very specific way.

How to find the Prop-Ifier in Fortnite

To find and purchase the Prop-Ifier in Fortnite, you'll need to do a bit of detective work. The Prop-Ifier can only be purchased from an alien in disguise as a Fortnite NPC.


You can use our Fortnite NPC guide to find some to approach. You will then need to question them about what they're doing and as you move through the conversation, you can accuse them of being an intruder.

If you're successful, they will then be able to sell you the Prop-Ifier.

How much does the Prop-Ifier cost?

Given how impressive the Prop-Ifier is, it comes at quite the cost. Purchasing one will set you back a cool 600 gold bars. As you're likely aware, your gold bar total isn't exclusive to the match you're in so you can earn this amount across multiple matches.


Regardless, 600 gold bars is no small feat to collect as eliminations and chests only usually drop up to 15 at max.

How to earn additional Gold Bars

If you're struggling to earn or build up the gold bar total required to buy the Prop-Ifier then there are some ways you can earn additional gold bars.


You can approach NPCs, accept and complete their quests and you'll be rewarded with additional gold bars. Swamp Stalker is usually a good NPC to approach as they often only ask you to complete basic tasks like fishing and hunting wildlife.