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Everything that's going on in Fortnite this week

For the first time in a little while, Week 9 of Fortnite Season 7 is shaping up to be a really busy one with a new update and a huge event to look forward to.

Below, we've got everything you need to know about what to expect from 17.30, the Rift Tour event, and Ariana Grande's debut on the island.

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Fortnite Update 17.30


The first thing to look forward to this week is the next update for Fortnite Season 7. The 17.30 update is due to go live on Tuesday, August 3, but we don't know what to expect from it yet.

While we'll likely see some more map changes and signs of the alien takeover, much of the update will likely be in preparation of the Rift Tour that's due to start later in the week.

That's something we'll get to below, but the 17.30 update is due to come first, likely seeing a short period of downtime at 9am BST/4am ET on August 2.

Week 9 Challenges

The other more standard thing arriving this week is the Week 9 Challenges. Unlike the last few weeks, we don't actually have details on the Epic or Legendary quests quite yet.

They will be revealed by the 17.30 update when that arrives this week, so keep checking back for the details.

Ariana Grande Skin


One thing we know about for sure if that Ariana Grande will be joining the Fortnite action this week.

Not only will she be the focus of the first show in the Rift Tour on Friday, but her skin will be coming to the game on Wednesday.

We don't know exactly how much the pack and the Ariana Grande skin will cost, but you'll be able to buy it two days before her event so that you can rock her outfit once it goes live.

You can see what she looks like down below:

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Fortnite Rift Tour

The Rift Tour is what we're all waiting for, though. It is the big thing happening in Fortnite this week.

The tour will be made up of five shows that you can join in with, with Ariana Grande kicking it all off. Fortnite's Metaverse has been home to many stars, but Grande is one of the biggest yet. The Fortnite Rift Tour schedule is below:

  • Show One - August 6th
    • 15:00 PST /18:00 EST / 23:00 BST
  • Show Two - August 7th
    • 11:00 PST / 14:00 EST / 19:00 BST
  • Show Three - August 7th
    • 21:00 PST / 00:00 EST / 05:00 BST (August 8th)
  • Show Four - August 8th
    • 06:00 PST / 09:00 EST / 14:00 BST
  • Show Five - August 8th
    • 15:00 PST / 18:00 EST / 23:00 BST

You even be able to complete some themed challenges for the Rift Tour, and collect a free umbrella for taking part.

Once it has kicked into action, we'll have all the details you need on how to get involved.