All NPC Locations in Fortnite Season 7

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We're only a month or so away from the end of Fortnite Season 7 now, with aliens playing more and more of a roll on the ever changing map.

The alien invasion has also made the island dangerous for NPCs as well as players, which makes some of them tough to find.


To help you with any challenges you're trying to complete, we'll run you through all of the NPC locations in Fortnite Season 7 down below.

Latest - Batman, Superman and Beast Boy now appearing in-game

The three heroes can now be spoken to in-game to get quests after a speedy hotfix from Epic. Completing Batman, Superman and Beast Boy quests will unlock the Superman and Clark Kent skins.

Batman, Superman and Beast Boy are currently glitched, awaiting hotfix

According to @iFireMonkey, the three heroes; Batman, Superman and Beast Boy, are currently glitched and not appearing in-game. This should be fixed soon but you can still complete their challenges via the phonebooth.


Batman and Superman NPC Locations in Fortnite

Batman, Beast Boy, and Superman can soon be found as NPCs on Fortnite's map and @Hypex on Twitter has revealed the locations of them. You can see where they are on the map in the tweet down below:

For a bit more detail, here's where you can find the characters:

  • Batman - In the dark area on the eastern side of Dirty Docks
  • Superman - At the north end of the farm that's north-east of Corny Complex
  • Beast Boy - By the river in Weeping Woods

Bushranger Is Dead

As of July 29, during Week 8 of Season 10, you cannot find and talk to Bushranger in Fortnite.


He has died, with his body being buried near Risky Reels, as you can see in the tweet down below.

As the story goes, he tried to grow an alien egg, so the IO disposed of him, which is sad and pretty gruesome for Fortnite.

That does mean that you won't be able to get the NPC collection book for Bushranger until he comes back, which will hopefully be at a later date. If Epic adds a different way to do so, we'll let you know.

All NPC Locations in Fortnite Season 7

So far there is 19 characters across the map to talk to, but there will likely be more that will be added over the course of the season.

Here is a map of the current characters as of week 8.

Fortnite Season 7 Week 1 Characters Map

Here's the list is written out.

  • Bunker Jonesy - South edge of the map, south-west of Misty Meadows
  • Joey - In Dirty Docks next to the 18-wheeler. He patrols this area and is usually pretty easy to spot.
  • Golden Skeleton - On the southern island, west of Bunker Jonesy
  • Swamp Stalker - South of Slurpy Swamp
  • Special Forces - Southeast part of Catty Corner
  • Outter - Middle of Weeping Woods, North of Pleasant Park, west one of the two islands north of Misty Meadows, west of the peak that's north of Retail Row, on the other side of the river to Hayseed, northeast of Corny Complex,
  • Rickus - West of Weeping Woods
  • Rook - In the area southwest of Dirty Docks
  • Batman - In the dark area on the eastern side of Dirty Docks
  • Superman - At the north end of the farm that's north-east of Corny Complex
  • Beast Boy - By the river in Weeping Woods
  • Sunny - Walking up and down the decking by the beach at Believer Beach
  • Alien Trooper - On the larger island northeast of Coral Castle
  • Maven - In a smaller town between Craggy Cliffs and Steaming Stacks
  • Bushranger - Bushranger is dead, you can find his grave near Risky Reels
  • Hayseed - On the southern bank of the river northeast of Corny Complex
  • Abstrakt - Northern area of Retail Row
  • Faux - Northwestern part of Dirty Docks
  • Dreamflower - Walk directly from Holly Hedges and Bony Burbs and you'll find them about halfway
  • Riot - East of Misty Meadows
  • Marigold - Eastern side of Lazy Lake
  • Human Bill - North-East building in Steamy Stacks
  • Zyg and Choppy - Near Boney Burbs or The Aftermath (dead centre of the map, purple crater)

As and when these change throughout Season 7, we'll be sure to update you.