27 Jul 2021 9:42 AM +00:00

How To Find And Craft The Plasma Cannon In Fortnite

As part of Fortnite Update 17.21, we have been treated to a brand new weapon, the Plasma Cannon. This is yet another piece of alien tech that we have the chance to play around with, but you can also try and build it yourself.

The weapon is the perfect counter against players who think that building will save them in a time of need. It does massive damage to builds and does decent player damage also.

Here's how you can find and craft the Plasma Cannon in Fortnite.

How To Find The Plasma Cannon In Fortnite

When trying to find the Plasma Cannon in Fortnite, you're going to want to open as many chests on the map as possible. Given that the rate of drop in regular chests is quite low, it would be wiser to head to IO bases and search IO chests instead.


IO chests have a better drop rate for rarer weapons and you're more likely to find a Plasma Cannon much quicker.


How To Craft The Plasma Cannon In Fortnite

If you're not up for the wild goose chase of trying to find a Plasma Cannon, you can craft one instead. It does, however, require some pretty rare materials.

To craft a Plasma Cannon, you will need a legendary pistol and an alien nanite. You can pick up any pistol and use upgrade benches to turn it into a legendary pistol if you want a shortcut. As for the alien nanite, they only spawn in certain locations which make it tricky to obtain.

They can be found just lying around on the ground, but there is a low chance of stumbling across one this way. Nanites can also be found on top of abductors and inside of the alien mothership which is your best bet of grabbing one.

Once you have the legendary pistol and nanite in your inventory, you can open the crafting menu and build the Plasma Cannon from there.